From leaks to broken tiles, many things can go wrong with roofs. The weather can play a big part in roof damage, for example, Santa Ana winds and heavy rains. But, roof damage can also be caused by human error, such as a lack of proper maintenance.

When you notice a problem with your roof, your first thought may be to grab a ladder and assess the issue for yourself. But, before you start carrying out a roof repair by yourself, you need to consider the potential dangers of a DIY (Do It Yourself) roof repair.

The roof of your house performs a vital role, sheltering you from the elements and forming part of your home’s structure. This means that your roof is too crucial for you to take a chance on turning into one of your weekend DIY projects. A professional team should always carry out work on your roof to avoid the dangers of a DIY roof repair. Here is why you should never try to repair your roof yourself:

Risk of Injury

Working at height always carries a significant risk of becoming injured or worse. Climbing a ladder and scaling your roof without the appropriate safety equipment is a considerable risk and puts you in danger of serious harm.

If you carry out a roof repair yourself incorrectly, you may also risk harming other people. For example, if a roof tile that was poorly fitted fell from your roof and injured someone.

Invalidate Warranty

If you are impatient to get your roof issue sorted out quickly, you may think that DIY is the best way to get the problem solved fast. But, repairing it yourself when your roof is under warranty could completely invalidate the warranty and prevent you from using it on this repair and in the future.

Cause Further Damage to Your Roof

While you may have the best intentions when it comes to fixing your roof yourself, you may inadvertently make the problem worse. If you are unsure about what you are doing and attempt the repair, you could damage other areas of the roof or worsen the existing problem.

Without a professional opinion, you may even find that your quick-fix solution fails, which requires you to pay even more for the repairs.

Harm Insurance Claims

If you need to make an insurance claim for your roof damage, your insurance company is unlikely to be impressed with your DIY roof repair. This could even make it hard for you to make claims on any subsequent damage that resulted from the roof problem.

Trust the Professionals for Repairs

Taking care of your roof is a crucial part of protecting your most significant investment–your home. With regular maintenance inspections, it is less likely that your roof will require repairs. But, if it does, you need to call experienced professionals to help.

Don’t put yourself or your roof at risk of harm. Instead, give the professionals at Greatway Roofing a call and let us take care of the problem safely on your behalf. Greatway Roofing has over 20 years of experience as the leading Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, and Ventura County roofing contractor.  We offer free, comprehensive estimates, and our work is fully guaranteed.

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