The vast majority of roofing contractors in Southern California–and the broader United States, for that matter–offer some sort of warranty on the work that they perform. The idea here is to build trust. When you hire a professional roofing contractor, you pay them a fee for the work performed. And in exchange, you expect them to carry out work to a reasonable standard. If they don’t or an issue arises within a reasonable amount of time, then they should return at your request to finish the work. After all, you’ve paid them to do a job and they should do it well.

But there’s a problem: the vast majority of roofing companies only offer three- to five-year warranties—not ones that last for the roof’s lifetime. But what happens when there is not a significant amount of rain within that time period? Homeowners who experience issues with their roof outside of the standard warranty must foot repair bills themselves, even if shoddy workmanship is the root cause.

At GreatWay Roofing, we don’t think that this is right. As a reputable company in the communities we serve, we believe in providing an honest, professional service that delivers quality roofing work, every time. We disagree with the current trend in the industry for shorter and shorter warranties. It’s not good for roofs, and it’s not good for customers either.

So what should you expect from a Ventura County roofing warranty? In our view, you should receive a lifetime workmanship warranty on a complete re-roof. That means that if you can trace back the problem with your roof to workmanship issues at any time during the life of the roof, the original provider of the work should fix the problem for free. In short, customers shouldn’t be left to pick up the bill for shoddy work at any time during the lifetime of the roof. If the installation or maintenance company makes a mistake, they should fix the issue at no expense to you.

To this end, GreatWay Roofing offers a lifetime workmanship warranty on residential re-roofing projects. If you find a problem with the quality of your roof during its expected lifetime, we will come out and fix the issue for free. It’s as simple as that. It’s all part of our desire to exceed customer expectations. We want to “wow” every customer who uses our roofing services, which is why we offer such an impressive workmanship warranty–one of the few roofing companies in Southern California to do so. 

Ideally, though, you would prefer not to have to invoke your warranty in the first place. As a customer, you’d like your re-roofing project to go perfectly from the outset. But how do you ensure that? We suggest seeking a roofing company that has quality as its overriding philosophy.

Here at GreatWay, for instance, we demonstrate our commitment to quality through our simple, six-part pledge:

  1. Diligence. We manage your roofing project from start to finish, ensuring your satisfaction. 
  2. Accountability. We set and achieve concrete deadlines for completing work on your property. 
  3. Professionalism. Our operatives respect your property and prepare your home in advance of any work. 
  4. Respect. We clean your home or commercial property daily and leave it as we found it. 
  5. Integrity. We never charge hidden fees. We’re always upfront about costs. 
  6. Clarity. We avoid nasty surprises by communicating with you throughout the project. 

What Lifetime Warranties Don’t Cover

While lifetime roofing warranties should cover workmanship issues, they cannot cover manufacturer defects concerning the materials themselves. Defective asphalt, for instance, is the responsibility of the manufacturer, not the installer.

Fortunately, most roofing material manufacturers provide warranties of their own on these products, allowing you to claim, if you encounter a problem. Some will even offer warranties covering the expected lifetime of the material, meaning you can contact them many years later if you encounter issues.

Please note that not all leaks are a consequence of shoddy workmanship on your roof. Water can enter through roofing components with gaps or openings, such as skylights, vents, air conditioning, and chimneys. Leaks may simply be the result of prevailing weather conditions, such as wind-driven rain, and largely, unavoidable.

At GreatWay Roofing, we strongly recommend you have your roof inspected annually. A regular maintenance schedule can alert you to problems early on, allowing you to keep your home nice and dry. By keeping an eye on the condition of your roofing materials, you can prevent endemic issues, such as mold and rot, from taking hold in your home.

Selecting A Roofing Contractor

When selecting a roofing contractor to carry out work, be sure to choose one that is certified by the manufacturer. For instance, GreatWay is a part of the CertainTeed credentialed contractor program and is a certified installer for Western Colloid, as well. We offer free, comprehensive estimates, and service Ventura County, Santa Clarita Valley, and the San Fernando Valley. Talk to one of our friendly team members today at (805) 523-2550

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