fire resistant roofing rating and review

See Home Roof Fire Ratings on California Roofs

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On any property, the roof can be extremely vulnerable to damage from weather, impact, and fire. The role of the roof during a fire is extremely important, which is why there are many laws and regulations that apply to them.  In large areas of California, the threat of wildfire is significant, which is why the way buildings are constructed and the material uses are heavily regulated to ensure that properties are as safe as they can possibly be. So, what are roof fire ratings and what do they mean?  Rating Tests In California, there is a test that determines roof fire ratings. The test is approved and undertaken by the American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) Standard E-108, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 276. This test is based on three factors concerning the roof material: Sufficiently resist and prevent fire from spreading to the roof space or attic…

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most common roof problems leaks damage home water heat company

What are the Most Common Roof Problems in California Heat?

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Different areas of the country present different types of problems for our homes and roofs. In California, there are unique problems that are especially relevant under the Californian Sky. Here are some of the most popular problems you will see happening to the roofs of California homes. Sun’s Rays/Heat Strong ultraviolet (UV) rays deteriorate asphalt shingles over time causing blistering or buckling. Once this happens, the waterproofing material underneath is exposed to the elements and if not detected, the rain will eventually come through, causing a leak or leaks. The summer months in California can reach 90+ degrees Color deterioration of the asphalt shingle or tile. It doesn’t matter what your roof is made out of, eventually the sun will strip the color out of it. Keeping the color in roof tiles looking fresh isn’t the only issue as it can be a sign that there are other issues. It…

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are leaks covered by insurance

Does Home Insurance Cover Roof Leaks and Repairs?

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If you’ve noticed patches of water or ceiling stains in your home, then chances are you have a roof leak. A leaking roof is more than a nuisance; however, it could result in expensive repairs. Therefore, it’s essential to keep on top of roof maintenance. There are several causes of roof leaks, and you need to look for the tell-tale signs to ask yourself, “What can be causing the leak?” Another important question is, are roof leaks covered by insurance? Roof repair can be costly and whether your policy will cover this often depends on the cause of the leak. What usually causes leaks in roofing? Roof leaks can be caused by a number of issues. These can include problems with your exterior, such as improperly installed shingles, missing shingles or tiles, or shingles that have buckled, causing the waterproofing felt to be exposed to extreme elements, which ultimately causes…

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Fireworks and Your Roof july

Can Fireworks Damage a Roof? 5 Steps to Protect Your Home on July 4th

By | Roof Maintenance

Aren’t fireworks pretty to see? We get very excited to see them at every event they’re present, from New Year’s Eve to sporting events. One of the biggest firework-laden events every single year is July 4th, and it’s one of the busiest times of the year for roofing companies. It’s all because of fireworks and the occasional damage that they can cause – especially to your roof. Fireworks and Your Roof If the right precautions aren’t taken on the 4th of July, you’re going to find that accidents can and will happen; especially with illegal fireworks being set off in neighborhoods. Roof fires ignited by falling fireworks on July 4th, and preventing roof fires at this time of year is important. There are some counties and states that ban large fireworks, but your roof needs to be prepared properly to avoid roof fires as a result of fireworks. The damage…

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types of skylights roof benefits

Do Skylights Add Value to a Home Design?

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Skylights add light, beauty, and value to a home. They are an ideal way of maximizing the natural light your home and its rooms receive, without hindering the foundation of the walls. Adding features to your home that does not compromise its foundation is ideal when it comes to selling in the future. If you are looking to maximize light and increase the value of your home, here is how. What is a skylight? A skylight is a window in the roof or a glass ceiling that allows natural light to enter from directly above the building. As opposed to a regular window on the exterior wall, a skylight is always added to a roof. They can be installed into a flat or sloped roof. Either way, skylights increase the amount of direct light the room receives.  For additional privacy and decreasing the light in the evening, blinds can be…

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Roofing During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Should I Get Roofing Services During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

By | Roof Repair, Roof Replacement

As you may have learned, DIY (Do it Yourself) has been very popular during COVID-19 lockdowns and the pandemic. People are doing what they can to work on their homes and build something to keep their minds and hands busy. While the pandemic has cut off some services that we use day to day to keep our homes running smoothly, that doesn’t mean the home improvement industry has come to a screeching halt. Even during the height of the pandemic and even right now, demand for roofing services has been immense. Many contractors are busier than they’ve ever been before, including Greatway Roofing. Customers are shifting their spending habits from things they can’t purchase (such as vacations), to things they can, like home improvements. It’s this structural change in how people are doing business that’s changing how the entire industry is operating. All this activity is a good thing. You…

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Roof Maintenance & Inspection for Commercial

Commercial Roof Maintenance: When Was Your Last Inspection?

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Commercial roofs should be high-performance, but they suffer from a variety of problems. To prevent minor issues from developing into major problems, regular inspections and routine commercial roof maintenance are essential. Schedule A Roofing Inspection Book a roofing contractor to complete an inspection that will find any hidden problems. This inspection should cover decking, surface membranes, roof vents, flashing, field tears, gutters, and drainage pipes. If you’re carrying out your own inspection, make sure to check the condition of your roof at the start of the spring season, when any damage that was done in winter will be evident and can be repaired before difficult summer conditions. Clear The Debris Debris will stop water from draining off the roof. Branches, leaves, litter, and other debris that get trapped in drains cause the most problems. Check For Water on Roof Water that ponds on a commercial roof can cause a lot…

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do it yourself roof repair home damage leaks

The Dangers of DIY Roof Repair Home Projects

By | Roof Repair

From leaks to broken tiles, many things can go wrong with roofs. The weather can play a big part in roof damage, for example, Santa Ana winds and heavy rains. But, roof damage can also be caused by human error, such as a lack of proper maintenance. When you notice a problem with your roof, your first thought may be to grab a ladder and assess the issue for yourself. But, before you start carrying out a roof repair by yourself, you need to consider the potential dangers of a DIY (Do It Yourself) roof repair. The roof of your house performs a vital role, sheltering you from the elements and forming part of your home’s structure. This means that your roof is too crucial for you to take a chance on turning into one of your weekend DIY projects. A professional team should always carry out work on your…

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Commercial Flat Roof Repair CA contractor systems rubber roof step

Commercial Flat Roof Repair: How to Find the Best Professionals

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Sometimes, flat roof repairs can fail even with the best quality roofing materials, if not installed correctly. Therefore, the most important aspect of commercial flat roof repair is finding the best contractor. So, if your flat roof needs repair, be sure to shop around – not only for quotes but also for reviews to ensure you find the right repair team. So, what should you be looking out for before handing over a signed contract? That is what you’re about to find out. Credible Licensing and Contractor Insurance It’s common knowledge that roofing is dangerous. That is the main reason why experts advise people to avoid DIY roofing projects. Apart from having the appropriate tools, experience, and safety equipment, commercial flat roof contractors must hold requisite permits, insurance, and licenses to carry out any contract in the state of California. In the United States, the construction industry is one of…

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roof repair vs new roof

Roof Repair vs. Replacement: What is the Right Solution for You?

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If you have been experiencing issues with your roof, you may be wondering if it’s time for a roof repair or a roof replacement. Knowing which one is the right choice can be hard but there are a few things you should consider before making your decision, such as how old your roof is, how long you are planning on staying in your current home, and whether you have the budget for a full replacement or enough for repairs. In this post, we are going to discuss the points mentioned and help you decide the big question, roof repair vs roof replacement? How old is the roof? How old the roof is will help determine if it needs fixing or replacing completely. If you have no idea how old the roof is, there are a few ways you can find out. You can check with the previous owners if they…

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