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The Dangers of DIY Roof Repair Home Projects

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From leaks to broken tiles, many things can go wrong with roofs. The weather can play a big part in roof damage, for example, Santa Ana winds and heavy rains. But, roof damage can also be caused by human error, such as a lack of proper maintenance. When you notice a problem with your roof, your first thought may be to grab a ladder and assess the issue for yourself. But, before you start carrying out a roof repair by yourself, you need to consider the potential dangers of a DIY (Do It Yourself) roof repair. The roof of your house performs a vital role, sheltering you from the elements and forming part of your home’s structure. This means that your roof is too crucial for you to take a chance on turning into one of your weekend DIY projects. A professional team should always carry out work on your…

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Commercial Flat Roof Repair CA contractor systems rubber roof step

Commercial Flat Roof Repair: How to Find the Best Professionals

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Sometimes, flat roof repairs can fail even with the best quality roofing materials, if not installed correctly. Therefore, the most important aspect of commercial flat roof repair is finding the best contractor. So, if your flat roof needs repair, be sure to shop around – not only for quotes but also for reviews to ensure you find the right repair team. So, what should you be looking out for before handing over a signed contract? That is what you’re about to find out. Credible Licensing and Contractor Insurance It’s common knowledge that roofing is dangerous. That is the main reason why experts advise people to avoid DIY roofing projects. Apart from having the appropriate tools, experience, and safety equipment, commercial flat roof contractors must hold requisite permits, insurance, and licenses to carry out any contract in the state of California. In the United States, the construction industry is one of…

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roof repair vs new roof

Roof Repair vs. Replacement: What is the Right Solution for You?

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If you have been experiencing issues with your roof, you may be wondering if it’s time for a roof repair or a roof replacement. Knowing which one is the right choice can be hard but there are a few things you should consider before making your decision, such as how old your roof is, how long you are planning on staying in your current home, and whether you have the budget for a full replacement or enough for repairs. In this post, we are going to discuss the points mentioned and help you decide the big question, roof repair vs roof replacement? How old is the roof? How old the roof is will help determine if it needs fixing or replacing completely. If you have no idea how old the roof is, there are a few ways you can find out. You can check with the previous owners if they…

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Causes of Roof Leaks in California home

The Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks in a California Home

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No matter the size of your home, the last thing that you want, especially during the holidays, is a roof leak. Not only do you not want to have to deal with emptying and replacing drip buckets constantly, but having to worry about what the weather is going to do next should never be such a big cause of stress and concern. Your roof is a vital part of your home’s structure, and it is there to protect the entire house. When it is doing its job, you will seldom have to think about it. However, when there’s even a small leak, it can cause you considerable stress and worry. But what are the most common causes of home roof leaks in Southern California? In this article, we’ll explore the answer to that question. Whether your roof is brand new or is twenty years old, the following still applies. Your…

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wind damage to roof shingles repair shingle restoration contractor

Wind Damage To Roof: How to Prepare

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We’re now in that time of year when Southern California braces itself for the Santa Ana winds. Is your roof prepped and ready to weather the “storm”? Preventing wind damage to your roof should be a priority. Wind can get in underneath damaged sections of your roof and rip shingles and tile from your property, sometimes causing catastrophic damage and hefty repair bills. Preventing this nightmare scenario from unfolding requires taking action now. You need to prep your roof so that you’re ready for the worst that the weather might throw at you over the coming months. Get Your Roof Repaired BEFORE the Next Heavy Wind Storm Hits and Causes More Damage While your partially damaged roof might have fared just fine throughout the calm summer, things will change dramatically as we head deeper into fall. Winds along the Pacific whip up and travel inland, putting roofs at risk. Roofs…

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Can Tree Branches Damage a Roof

Can Tree Branches Damage a Roof?

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Whether you have just moved into a new property or have been living in a property for a long period of time and are concerned about low-hanging tree branches, it’s important to know the risks that they carry for your roof. A low-hanging branch can easily harm your roof, regardless of whether it is a heavy or a light branch (light branches can expose the roof to rain and elements just as much as heavy branches can). Not only can it wear down the shingles and scrape the tiles, but it can also cause clogged gutters because of the leaves that fall off them. By scraping against the roof shingles, it can easily strip off the layers of asphalt which damages the integrity of the roof. Also, if leaves begin to become clogged in the gutters, a number of issues can arise. From leaks to mold and a deterioration of…

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