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Do Skylights Add Value to a Home Design?

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Skylights add light, beauty, and value to a home. They are an ideal way of maximizing the natural light your home and its rooms receive, without hindering the foundation of the walls. Adding features to your home that does not compromise its foundation is ideal when it comes to selling in the future. If you are looking to maximize light and increase the value of your home, here is how. What is a skylight? A skylight is a window in the roof or a glass ceiling that allows natural light to enter from directly above the building. As opposed to a regular window on the exterior wall, a skylight is always added to a roof. They can be installed into a flat or sloped roof. Either way, skylights increase the amount of direct light the room receives.  For additional privacy and decreasing the light in the evening, blinds can be…

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Convert Your Lattice Patio Cover to a Solid Roof Deck

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Lattice patio covers have been a popular addition to many backyards in Ventura County, offering an extension to the interior living space. The near-perfect Southern California weather makes a lattice patio cover perfect because it provides partial shade, while still allowing the sunshine to peer through. But what about those days when it’s too warm outside, or maybe it’s raining or windy? The good news is there’s a way to convert your existing lattice patio cover to a solid roof deck using most of the existing materials. When it’s done, you will enjoy a comfortable space outdoors, rain or shine. Before You Begin Prior to starting your project, take notice of your current patio cover components. You should be able to use most of the frame portion, including the wood ledger (attached to the exterior of the house) and the rafters, which extend outward resting on the beam and posts. …

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