Skylights add light, beauty, and value to a home. They are an ideal way of maximizing the natural light your home and its rooms receive, without hindering the foundation of the walls. Adding features to your home that does not compromise its foundation is ideal when it comes to selling in the future. If you are looking to maximize light and increase the value of your home, here is how.

What is a skylight?

A skylight is a window in the roof or a glass ceiling that allows natural light to enter from directly above the building. As opposed to a regular window on the exterior wall, a skylight is always added to a roof. They can be installed into a flat or sloped roof. Either way, skylights increase the amount of direct light the room receives. 

For additional privacy and decreasing the light in the evening, blinds can be added, yet,  most people leave them bare to enhance the natural light.

Why use skylights?

Skylights maximize the natural light a room receives. Natural light can make a room feel larger.

Some homes may not have enough exterior wall space for large enough windows to make much of a difference to the light that enters your home. You may have large bushes, trees, or fences that are blocking the light. A window on the roof is less likely to be blocked by fences and trees. Thus, a window added to the roof will guarantee to maximize the light in your home. 

Additionally, if you have close-by neighbors then you might not want to compromise your privacy, so adding a window to the roof means nobody can look into your home.

Types of skylights

There are several types of skylights in the market. They vary depending on the materials used, as well as what type of roof you are installing or have. Below are the most common types of skylights.

Fixed skylightFixed skylight

As the name suggests, a fixed skylight is fixed to the roof and does not open or close. They are primarily for enhancing light. These are popular for high roofs, attics, and stairwells.

Ventilated skylightVentilated skylight

A ventilated skylight is ideal for a room that is prone to odors or a change in temperatures, like the bathroom or kitchen. These often are propped open with a small arm to allow a small amount of air to escape and enter. As well as ventilating the room, they allow a nice amount of light into the room. 

Custom skylight

Custom skylightIf you have a unique idea in mind or a unique building structure, a custom skylight may be ideal for you. These can be installed as windows or as the entire roof. These can be installed to enhance the appearance of the building, as well as maximize the light. Custom skylight options also include various shapes. For instance, you may require a dome, barrel, or curb-shaped skylight. The different shapes will depend on the purpose of the skylight and the foundation of your roof.

Pyramid skylightPyramid skylight

Pyramid skylights are often mounted on flat roofs as the name suggests, they are raised and appear like a small pyramid. The four sides allow a maximum amount of light in and can come with the option to open small sections as windows.

Sola Tube 

SolatubesSolar tubes are known as sun tunnels. Instead of the light directly shining through the glass panel, like most skylights, a solar tube involves the light being channeled through a metallic tube. The purpose of this is to reflect the light, which results in brighter light inside a room or small space. The metallic tube acts as a continuous mirror, which reflects light to make rooms feel bigger and brighter.

Speaking of solar tubes, you may wonder if they are better than skylights? What are the differences?

A solar tube often involves a lower installation cost, adds brighter light to the home due to the technology, and enhances energy efficiency. However, they cannot be opened nor can they offer a view of the sky.

In contrast, a skylight offers a direct view of the sky and adds resale value to your home. However, they are more expensive and may not offer the same energy efficiency benefits that solar tubes do.

If you are looking for the best option to add value to your home, then a skylight might be the best choice. It may cost more but it will likely add greater value to your home.

Benefits of adding skylights to your home

With there being several types of skylights and knowledge that skylights can add value to your home, you may wonder if there are additional benefits.

  • Optimize daylight: if your room often loses light early in the afternoon, you may benefit from adding a skylight. With them being positioned above the room, the light will last longer and help you optimize the daylight that enters your home.
  • Maintain privacy: it is very unlikely for people to see into your home from the roof. Thus, adding a window to the top will mean that you can retain your privacy.
  • Less need for electrical sources: with there being more light entering the home for longer, then you will likely need to use fewer electrical sources to light up the home. This will reduce the need for using lights and reduce your energy bills.
  • Can regulate heat: you may find some rooms feel cold due to lack of light. Natural light can add heat to a room. With more light entering the room, your home can feel warmer throughout the day.

If you are wondering what is the best way to maximize light in your home and add value, then adding skylights may be the best option. They can be added to any room with an external roof. Additionally, there are several types available to suit all needs. Whether you want just light or light and ventilation, you can find a skylight to suit your needs. Although they can be costly, they will guarantee to add value to your home. Thus, the project will be worth it. Lastly, keep in mind that it’s less expensive to add skylights and solar tubes during a reroof.

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