Whether you have just moved into a new property or have been living in a property for a long period of time and are concerned about low-hanging tree branches, it’s important to know the risks that they carry for your roof. A low-hanging branch can easily harm your roof, regardless of whether it is a heavy or a light branch (light branches can expose the roof to rain and elements just as much as heavy branches can). Not only can it wear down the shingles and scrape the tiles, but it can also cause clogged gutters because of the leaves that fall off them.

tree damaging roofBy scraping against the roof shingles, it can easily strip off the layers of asphalt which damages the integrity of the roof. Also, if leaves begin to become clogged in the gutters, a number of issues can arise. From leaks to mold and a deterioration of the gutters, it is opening your roof up to a wealth of problems. If there is strong winds or a severe storm, the branches can also fall and damage your roof or worse yet they could come through into your home, causing extreme damage.

How far should tree branches be from a roof?

It is recommended that tree branches should be 8-10 feet away from a roof to ensure that your roof stays protected. If you notice hanging branches, make sure that you have them trimmed back immediately, in order to prevent any damage.

Call a tree branch removal service

tree branch removal serviceIn order to make sure that you aren’t facing any problems with tree branches, you should call a tree branch removal service before any damage occurs to your roof. You don’t want to have clogged gutters, damaged tiles or holes in your asphalt shingle roof. So, ensure that you schedule regular gutter cleanings and trimmings. An arborist will make sure that your home isn’t under any threat from the trees surrounding it. Checking the tree’s health and removing any branches that pose a risk, you can rest easy and not have to worry about the trees.

Alternatively, if you plan on cutting branches off trees yourself, make sure that you are following the correct safety practices. It is a dangerous task that should be taken seriously, therefore you need to make sure that you are prepared with the appropriate safety equipment. Even though it might be the cheaper option, it’s sometimes not worth the safety risks – it might be easier and more stress-free to hire a tree branch removal service.

Roof repair and roof inspections

Alongside an arborist, you should schedule regular roof inspections from a residential roofing company. GreatWay Roofing will provide the best solution for your roofing needs and will ensure that the life of your roof is prolonged. If you have faced damage to your roof from a fallen branch, we can mend the damage efficiently and safely. With years of experience in the field, we only use high-quality roofing materials – that guarantee an aesthetically pleasing and durable roof for your property.

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