Aren’t fireworks pretty to see? We get very excited to see them at every event they’re present, from New Year’s Eve to sporting events. One of the biggest firework-laden events every single year is July 4th, and it’s one of the busiest times of the year for roofing companies. It’s all because of fireworks and the occasional damage that they can cause – especially to your roof.

Fireworks and Your Roof

If the right precautions aren’t taken on the 4th of July, you’re going to find that accidents can and will happen; especially with illegal fireworks being set off in neighborhoods. Roof fires ignited by falling fireworks on July 4th, and preventing roof fires at this time of year is important. There are some counties and states that ban large fireworks, but your roof needs to be prepared properly to avoid roof fires as a result of fireworks. The damage from fireworks can be devastating. Fireworks can be fun, but you need to take as many measures as possible to minimize the damage, and the following five steps will help you to protect your home on July 4th.

  1. Have your roof cleared. The gutters and the roof should be clear of all debris and leaves before July 4th. Basic cleanup can go a long way and this will prevent a slight spark from igniting into a house fire you cannot prevent. Needles, leaves, and pine cones are like Litmus paper when they’re dry, and when you remove them, you remove the risk and the same can be said for a blue roof tarp.
  2. Cut back trees. Cutting back all low-hanging branches from around your roof before the July 4th holiday is essential to avoiding a fire occurring. If a firework comes into contact with a branch or a part of the tree, you will find that a fire can start. Cutting these back will be a big step in ensuring that your roof and home are safe. Fireworks love dry branches and a falling firework is always going to be a fire hazard.
  3. Call in the experts. When you call in an expert to inspect your roof, you can ensure that any holes in your roof are patched up. Holes can allow sparks from the fireworks into the attic, causing a fire that is more than avoidable. You can have your roof professionally inspected before the holiday to protect your roof from fireworks.
  4. Ignite fireworks away from the home, when possible. In many Southern California counties, it is illegal to set off your own fireworks, but if you live in a county where you can hold your own show or your neighbors are doing so, be careful to keep a safe distance from any structure. This will ensure that you choose a safe and appropriate distance from the home and the roof, enabling you to protect both.
  5. Douse the roof. Although not recommended for two-story roofs due to the extreme danger, you can choose to use the hose and douse your roof with water to make sure that it’s wet before lighting off fireworks. Doing this in the evening and out of the sun will keep it wet so that any fireworks that fall will go out and not ignite a fire.

If you need any help with your roof this July 4th, the best thing to do is to speak to the experts at Greatway Roofing. 

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