Windsor North River Ridge

Windsor North River Ridge in Oxnard, CA, offers up a suburban lifestyle with its large yards and plenty of opportunities for outdoor entertainment; not only that, but it’s also close enough (just minutes) to all those downtown hotspots.

The median house price in the Windsor North River Ridge neighborhood is $961,983, which makes it more expensive than 71.2% of neighborhoods across California and 93.2% nationwide. That said, you’ll still be able to find some great deals.

The Windsor North River Ridge community is a great place to live with lower prices than most other California neighborhoods making it an attractive option for those looking to move here.

In the Windsor North River Ridge neighborhood, renting is cheaper than 58% of California neighborhoods. The average rental price here currently stands at $2,414 – lower compared to other places in CA.

The beautiful weather and close proximity to the downtown area make this area an excellent choice for those who want the convenience of living in both areas. The Windsor North River Ridge neighborhood offers a large variety, with homes ranging from single-family houses all the way up to five-bedroom mansions on barely sufficient land.

The residential real estate in this area is mostly owned by residents who live here. The homes were built between 1970 and 1999, but there are also newer ones on the scene that weren’t erected until 2000 or later.

What makes the Windsor North River Ridge neighborhood so special? For one thing, it has a higher proportion of farmers and foresters than 99.6% of all American neighborhoods. But that’s not even the most interesting part. This also means there are more people in this area who work with natural resources like logging or fishing as their profession- which really shows how unique our culture can be when you take into account everything from architecture to lifestyle choices.

The cultural heritage of this neighborhood is truly one-of-a-kind. With more farmers and foresters than most American neighborhoods, you’ll find an authentic rural feeling in Windsor North River Ridge that can’t be found anywhere else.

The homes in this neighborhood are spacious and well-designed. One way that it stands out is by having more large 4, 5, or even additional bedroom properties than 95% of neighborhoods across America. As you stroll through the streets with your eyes open for houses on sale – they’ll be easy enough to find since each one has its own unique features such as size or shape, making them stand apart from others around town.

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