Sea View Estates

Imagine living in a community with breathtaking views of the ocean. The Sea View Estates is an urban neighborhood located just outside downtown Oxnard, California, that offers residents access to many different amenities such as schools and shops within walking distance from their homes.

The Sea View Estates neighborhood is located on an exposed stretch of land known for its natural beauty. The median real estate price here has reached a level that makes it more expensive than most other areas in California, but this does not deter residents who have been skilled at building their lives around what they love about living so close together.

The median real estate price in the Sea View Estates neighborhood is $748,552, which makes it more expensive than 53.8% of the communities across California and 88.0% nationwide.

The monthly cost of renting a home in the Sea View Estates neighborhood is higher than 74.2% of neighborhoods across California, with an average rental price currently at 3,354 dollars per month.

The Sea View Estates neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for the perfect home with plenty of space. The area has many different types and sizes available, so no matter what your needs may be – from an efficient apartment all up close by or just some extra rooms on the top floor that’ll serve as both work desk and bedroom- there’s something out there waiting.

In the Sea View Estates community, you’ll find a wide range of housing options, from small apartments to large houses. There are plenty of single-family homes in this neighborhood but also some townhomes that offer more living space for your dollar.

The residential real estate in this area shows a mixture of established homes and newer construction. Many properties were built between 1970-1999, while others dating from 2000 onward can be found here as well.

Though poverty is a huge problem in America, The Sea View Estates neighborhood has some of the lowest rates for children who are experiencing this circumstance. Outstanding work.

The Sea View Estates neighborhood is a heavily populated area with more single mother households than 98.7% of the neighborhoods in America. This can mean one thing: high concentrations may signal an issue such as poverty or, even worse, education neglect which leads to crime rates being higher among this group at large.

Living in the Sea View Estates neighborhood is like living in your own personal resort. The beautiful views are only matched by luxurious homes, making this an excellent location for those who want it all while still being able to maintain a lower profile than some other areas around Oxnard. A great part about calling attention-seeking behavior because these people have money, so they can afford whatever lifestyle they choose.

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