Westlake Hills / New Meadows

Westlake Hills / New Meadows is a beautiful suburban community located in Thousand Oaks, CA. It has some very nice homes, and it’s also close to many great amenities like shopping centers or restaurants.

In the Westlake Hills / New Meadows neighborhood, real estate is especially pricey. The median price for a home there sits at just around $1,083,151, higher than 80.7% of the neighborhoods across California and 95.8% nationwide.

The Westlake Hills / New Meadows community is a great neighborhood to live in if you’re considering spacious homes with lots of natural light. The average rental price in this area starts at just $5,362 – higher than 97% of other neighborhoods across California.

This beautiful Thousand Oaks neighborhood has many homes that offer great deals. There are multiple options for those looking to buy their first house or invest wisely, as well. The Westlake Hills / New Meadows community has everything you need, from single-family houses and townhomes large enough for families; it’s perfect whether starting out on your own adventure -or settling into an established lifestyle. 

The Westlake Hills / New Meadows area has a high concentration of owner-occupied homes. With many residential developments, this little-known community has been gaining popularity for its scenic views and beautiful homes that were built between the 1970s – 1999.

Residential real estate in these areas tends toward aging residential properties, which are either side by side with modern additions such as custom molding or hardwood floorings throughout one’s residence.

The Westlake Hills / New Meadows neighborhood is among the wealthiest areas in the U.S. The sheer amount of wealth concentrated here has made it an even more insulated community when compared to other Americans, whose counterparts suffer during economic downturns like this one due to their lack of resources which are not shared equally among all citizens despite any progress achieved through diverse income levels within various communities nationwide seeking equal opportunities regardless if they have rich backgrounds or poor ones coming up behind them.

Additionally, Westlake Hills / New Meadows is a beautiful neighborhood where you can live peacefully and enjoyably after retirement. In this area, seniors have many opportunities to meet others with similar interests while enjoying their freedom from the responsibilities that come alongside adulthood – especially those related to raising children or taking care of aging parents’ needs. The crime rate here remains very low compared to other CA neighborhoods.

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