Verdigris / Sunset Hillsbraemar

Verdigris / Sunset Hillsbraemar is a picturesque suburban neighborhood in the city of Thousand Oaks, CA. This suburban neighborhood provides residents with many benefits, including easy access to shopping centers and schools without having too much traffic congestion around them like other parts may experience during rush hour time. 

The Verdigris / Sunset Hillsbraemar community is a very expensive place to reside in comparison with other CA neighborhoods. The median price for homes there comes out at $1,095,996, which makes it more than 81.2% of the neighborhoods across California and 95.9% nationwide.

The Verdigris / Sunset Hillsbraemar area is among the most expensive neighborhoods to rent in California. On average, homes are $4121 per month or more than 86% higher than other areas across CA, where prices vary significantly based on size and location.

The Verdigris / Sunset Hillsbraemar neighborhood is a great place to live, with plenty of green spaces and parks for residents’ enjoyment. The real estate around Thousand Oaks, CA neighborhood primarily consists of medium-sized homes – from three-bedroom apartments up to large five+ bedroom houses.

Residencies in the Verdigris / Sunset Hillsbraemar neighborhood are mostly occupied by a mixture between owners and renters. There are multitudes of established homes, with some being older and vintage-looking than others; however, most were constructed between 1970 – 1999, which makes them modern enough for today’s standards but still have that classic touch too. And then there are those new construction constructed after 2000, which provide us even more variety when looking at what type or style meets your needs best.

In the Verdigris / Sunset Hillsbraemar neighborhood, you’ll find that many of its homes were constructed in a single age period – between 1970 and 1999. This makes for an interesting combination as these older properties have been blended with more modern architecture to give each street a unique look. You can sense how stable this community was during construction because nearly all residential real estate here dates back only a one-time frame; 85% of what’s present now was constructed during this period.

This is the perfect residential community for highly educated executives who want to live in an area with plenty of amenities and great schools. The neighborhood is also very family-friendly, which makes it popular among parents looking forward to retirement or new beginnings after they’ve had enough time away from raising children while working professionally so close by.

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