West Village

West Village in Oxnard, California, is an area that has seen tremendous growth. Thanks to its population density and proximity to downtown Oxnard it’s a great place for young professionals who want easy access but still enjoy the hustle of city life without all those bothersome traffic problems. The population density makes for an interesting environment with lots of activity going on at any given time.

West Village is a very expensive neighborhood in Oxnard, CA. The median real estate price here reaches $700,207, which makes it higher than 48.7% of California neighborhoods and 86.6% of American neighborhoods.

The West Village community is an expensive place to rent a home. The average rental price there currently stands at $3,065 – which makes it higher than 67% of neighborhoods across California.

The community of West Village is a great neighborhood for those who want to live in an area with plenty of space. The real estate here consists primarily of small-sized homes, but there are also some large ones that can accommodate up to five bedrooms if you have more than one person living in your house.

The West Village community is a very popular neighborhood for those looking to live in an established home with some modern amenities. This area has seen huge growth since 2000 when many new buildings were constructed that are now occupied by residents who have chosen this location because it offers both old-world charm and up-to-date features not found anywhere else.

In West Village, there’s a shortage of property for sale. This means that the demand in this area far outweighs what is available, and as such, prices have been steadily increasing over time due to a lack of supply on behalf of people who want homes here but can’t find them within their budget range.

In the West Village, residential real estate is occupied by its owner at a higher rate than 98.3% of neighborhoods in America.

The West Village is a car-loving neighborhood in Oxnard. Unlike most other places, 41% of the people here own four or more vehicles per household. That’s higher than 98 percent of neighborhoods across America, which means these folks really love their automobiles.

The people in the West Village neighborhood are rooted. They have lived here for a while, know each other well enough that they don’t often move, and enjoy life as it comes along without much drastic change or newcomers moving into their tightly bonded community.

I did not expect this finding because I assumed most neighborhoods became more diverse over time, but once you analyze data sets closely, something different starts to appear.

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