Silver Strand

Silver Strand is a beautiful coastal neighborhood in Oxnard. This location means that you are close enough to enjoy all of the city’s amenities but still have plenty of space for nature and outdoor activities on your property.

The median real estate price in the Silver Strand community is $1,160,484, which makes it more expensive than 77.7% of neighborhoods across California and 94.7 percent nationwide.

The beautiful and serene neighborhood of Silver Strand is a great place to call home. With an average rental price ($3,127) that’s higher than 68.7 percent in California, this area will surely leave you feeling at peace with every paycheck.

Silver Strand is a small yet cozy suburban neighborhood in which to live. The real estate here consists primarily of single-family homes and smaller apartment buildings, perfect for those who want easy access but don’t need much space.

The nautical feel of the Silver Strand neighborhood is reflected in its name, which comes from being located on or by beaches. The area has many amenities that bring locals and visitors to explore what’s available for fun here, whether you want activities such as fishing off pier posts where children often play with toy boats while their parents catch bait nearby (a classic scene!).

The Silver Strand neighborhood in Oxnard, California, has one of the highest concentrations of divorcees than found in 98.6% of American neighborhoods. This makes this Oxnard neighborhood one of the best places to live if you are recently divorced. Why do so many people divorce here? It could simply come down to how often they choose to separate their lives apart – which means living under two roofs instead of as an individual or family unit.

The government is often considered one of the most stable jobs in an economy. From local to state and federal governments, there are plenty of opportunities for workers who want something more than just their own businesses or personal projects on this earth! The Silver Strand neighborhood – with its majority employed by agencies that work closely together- stands out when compared nationally as having a high concentration of 13.8% of its workforce – a greater concentration of government workers than 96.1% of American neighborhoods.

The neighbors in this Oxnard, California, neighborhood are upper-middle class and make above-average money. 68% of the neighborhoods across America have an income level that is lower than what you’ll find here.

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