Walnut Acres / Park Springs

The Walnut Acres / Park Springs neighborhood is a tranquil, serene area with some really expensive homes. This particular part in California has an average price tag that ranges around $589K – which makes it more costly than 36 percent of all other neighborhoods within our state, as well as 80.6% nationwide.

The monthly renting cost of a home in the Walnut Acres / Park Springs neighborhood is considerably higher than in other neighborhoods. The average rental price here currently hovers around $3,180 – higher than 70+ percent of neighborhoods across California.

This means that there are plenty who can afford it but may not be interested because they need lower prices rather than vice versa, which makes our area even more desirable as people looking specifically at apartments will want something close by their workplace so this doesn’t make them drive too far away when jobs might otherwise transfer from one place to another.

Walnut Acres / Park Springs is an urban area in Moorpark, CA, with large trees that provide privacy and space for those who live there. It has quite the natural beauty, perfect if you’re looking to get away from it all.

The Walnut Acres / Park Springs neighborhood is a great place to live around Moorpark if you’re looking for something between city living and a country feel. The homes here range from large single-family houses with multiple bedrooms down to smaller ones that can fit your family perfectly into just one bedroom or an efficient apartment complex high-rise unit as well.

The area of Walnut Acres / Park Springs is a great community to live with low rates of home and apartment vacancy. The area has only 6%, which falls within the lower range for this type compared to other neighborhoods across America – approximately in the middle ground between high vacancies (like urban areas) or moderate ones like rural communities have been found on average.

The Walnut Acres / Park Springs neighborhood has a car dependence that is rivaled only by very few places in America. 48% of the homes here own four or more automobiles, which represents an auto ownership rate much higher than average for this country as well.

In the Walnut Acres / Park Springs neighborhood, 8.6% of people are still working in farming or fishing, which means this area has a higher concentration of these workers than 98% of all other American neighborhoods. The historical nature and proximity to downtown resources make it an ideal place for those who want both city life with all its advantages yet escape from noise pollution found near major metropolitan areas as well.

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