Carlsberg / Loreto Alterra

Carlsberg / Loreto Alterra is a suburban neighborhood located in Moorpark, California. This beautiful community features many natural resources like parks with hiking trails as well as elementary schools that provide quality education for children living there.

The Carlsberg / Loreto Alterra neighborhood in Moorpark, California, has a median real estate price of $1.02M, making it more expensive than 76% of communities across California and 94.6% nationwide.

In the Carlsberg / Loreto Alterra neighborhood, you can find a place to suit your needs. The average rental price in this area is $5,969, which makes it higher than 99.9% of other neighborhoods across California.

With an average rental price of $5,969 and a cost higher than 99.9% of other neighborhoods in California, it’s no surprise that this area is one to be considered for those looking at moving into or investing heavily in real estate.

The Carlsberg / Loreto Alterra neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for large homes with plenty of space. This area has everything from four-bedroom houses, five+ bedders and three or fewer rooms as well. This neighborhood is known for its large and medium-sized homes. There are primarily single-family houses with three or four bedrooms, but there are also some townhouses that offer more space per household.

The Carlsberg / Loreto Alterra neighborhood is one of the most desirable in Moorpark. This area has large homes with plenty of space for family members, located near some of this city’s best schools and parks. A person would be hard-pressed to find a more peaceful setting than what can be found here on spacious properties that offer privacy while still being close enough when you need access without having too far to drive or walk each day – depending on how much time your children will let themselves waste away at their own leisurely pace.

The Carlsberg / Loreto Alterra neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for owner-occupied homes. In this area, most of the residences were built in recent years, and there’s also an abundance of older buildings that offer plenty of charm too.

Whenever you walk or drive around this neighborhood, the size of homes is immediately apparent. These large houses give a strong visual statement that sets them apart from other neighborhoods in America. The Carlsberg / Loreto Alterra Neighborhood has more four-, five- and even larger bedroom homes than 99 percent of places nationwide. When people move here, they know what to expect – quality living at its finest with all modern amenities right outside your doorstep.

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