Ventu Park

Ventu Park is an exclusive suburban neighborhood in the city of Thousand Oaks, California. Based on population density, it offers great amenities for its residents with low crime rates to keep you safe from any bad vibes or pesky elementals.

The rich green spaces are perfect if your family loves spending time outside but still needs peace when indoors since there aren’t many distractions close by either–this place has everything covered, including plenty of space large enough so that kids can run wild without fear while adults enjoy their own pursuits free from interruption.

The Ventu Park community in the Thousand Oaks area is among the most expensive areas to live in CA. With an average real estate price of $1,160,955, this area exceeds 84.8% of the neighborhoods across California and 96.7% of the neighborhoods across the United States. 

The monthly cost of renting a home in the Ventu Park community is significantly higher than in most other areas. On average, you’ll need to pay $4 319 for your next rental agreement! This price puts this neighborhood above 89% of California neighborhoods and indicates that it’s not budget-friendly if compared with others around here either by price or amenities offered.

The Ventu Park community is a great neighborhood to reside in if you’re looking for single-family homes with plenty of space. The real estate here typically ranges from medium-sized (three or four bedrooms) – large sizes (five+ bedrooms).

The neighborhood of Ventu Park is a great place to live if you want something that’s established but not old. Many homes in this part were constructed between 1970 and 1999, with some newer constructions built after 2000. 

The Ventu Park community is the perfect place to raise a family in California. It has some of the best public schools and low crime rates around, not to mention that nearly all its homes are owner-occupied with single families living there too. The community feels wide open for interaction between residents – you’ll never be bored because someone else’s yard fire or football game will keep things interesting on any given day.

The family-friendly Ventu Park neighborhood is the ideal place to call home for families of all ages. Not only does it have everything your kids need, but adventurous retirees will love exploring this urban area while executives get their work done in one corner and chic singles enjoy coffee dates on the other side. 

The neighborhood of Ventu Park is a place where married couples can find common ground and plenty of friends. There’s no better way to escape from city life than with your spouse, especially if you have school-aged children too. With a whopping 95.9% occurrence rate, this single area has more couples living there than almost any other US location.

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