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Wind Damaged Roof: Know What it is and How to Spot It

By | Roof Repair

We haven’t had the seasonal Santa Ana winds in a while, but when they do blow, you may want to check your roof for damages. Most homeowners or residents don't often think about it, but wind speeds over 45 mph can do severe damage to your roof. Although all roofs are designed to withstand pretty strong winds, the reality is many don’t. And it’s not because the roofers didn’t do a great job, it’s largely because the wind doesn’t uniformly hit the roof. It tends to catch the edges or corners of the roof and other angles. When the wind keeps hitting shingles or tile at a specific angle -all roofs, regardless of how solid they are, have yielding points- shingles can peel off, open up, or even tile can shift or break off and fall. If the damage isn’t repaired, it’s only a matter of time before you have…

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