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What are the Most Common Roof Problems in California Heat?

By | Roof Repair, Roof Replacement

Different areas of the country present different types of problems for our homes and roofs. In California, there are unique problems that are especially relevant under the Californian Sky. Here are some of the most popular problems you will see happening to the roofs of California homes. Sun’s Rays/Heat Strong ultraviolet (UV) rays deteriorate asphalt shingles over time causing blistering or buckling. Once this happens, the waterproofing material underneath is exposed to the elements and if not detected, the rain will eventually come through, causing a leak or leaks. The summer months in California can reach 90+ degrees Color deterioration of the asphalt shingle or tile. It doesn’t matter what your roof is made out of, eventually the sun will strip the color out of it. Keeping the color in roof tiles looking fresh isn’t the only issue as it can be a sign that there are other issues. It…

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