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Commercial Roof Maintenance: When Was Your Last Inspection?

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Commercial roofs should be high-performance, but they suffer from a variety of problems. To prevent minor issues from developing into major problems, regular inspections and routine commercial roof maintenance are essential. Schedule A Roofing Inspection Book a roofing contractor to complete an inspection that will find any hidden problems. This inspection should cover decking, surface membranes, roof vents, flashing, field tears, gutters, and drainage pipes. If you’re carrying out your own inspection, make sure to check the condition of your roof at the start of the spring season, when any damage that was done in winter will be evident and can be repaired before difficult summer conditions. Clear The Debris Debris will stop water from draining off the roof. Branches, leaves, litter, and other debris that get trapped in drains cause the most problems. Check For Water on Roof Water that ponds on a commercial roof can cause a lot…

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