Surety Park / Campus View

The Surety Park / Campus View community is a quiet, suburban area located in Ventura. This concentration of population density makes it one that’s perfect for those who want the convenience and hustle bustles found on urban streets but without all the noise.

This is the perfect community for those who want to be close enough to town but not have all its noise bother them. The neighborhood of Surety Park / Campus View has a low population density, which means there’s more space between homes and businesses, allowing it remains quiet at night when you need your sleep most.

The neighborhood of Surety Park / Campus View in Ventura is a very expensive place to live. The median price of homes there currently stands at $974,065, which makes it costly compared with other areas across California and America as a whole – it is higher than 72.9% of the neighborhoods across California and 93.7% nationwide.

In the Surety Park / Campus View neighborhood, you can expect to pay a high price for renting. The average cost of rent in this neighborhood is $3,760, and it’s higher than 83% percent of all other areas across California. With so many renters who can afford it and choose this area, there’s no sign of that number decreasing anytime soon.

The Surety Park / Campus View community is a great place to live if you’re looking for something in between big city life and small-town charm. Largely made up of medium-sized homes with three or four bedrooms, this area offers plenty of space that isn’t too huge but also doesn’t have the hustle and bustles found on some larger streets nearby.

The neighborhood of Surety Park / Campus View is great for those looking to buy their first home or investment property. The community has a mix of single-family homes and mobile homes, which ensures there’s something that fits any need.

With 3.6% of residents in the Surety Park / Campus View neighborhood biking to work on a daily basis, it’s no wonder this area has become such an attractive option for those looking forward to transportation options that are both healthy and environmentally friendly.

When you think of the best neighborhoods in America, Surety Park / Campus View is among them. Not only does this area has an exceptional income level compared to other areas, but it’s also one step closer when considering how rich people live 

In the Surety Park / Campus View neighborhood in Ventura, California, you will find a high-income population that makes it one of the 15% highest-income areas across America. This area has average household earnings much higher than 88.9 percent of other American neighborhoods.

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