Hobson Heights

Hobson Heights is a great place to live if you’re looking for something more suburban. It has all of the conveniences that tend bitten suburban neighborhoods but with an added dose of culture courtesy of its proximity to downtown Ventura and other historical sites like movie theaters.

Hobson Heights is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in California, with a median real estate price of $1,259,053 – more expensive than 86.9% of the neighborhoods across California and 97.1% nationwide. The area has an extraordinary quality to it that only adds value when you look into its history–a story not just for those who live there but for visitors as well can enjoy.

The cost to rent a home in this area is very reasonable. The average rental price here sits at just over $2,500 – lower in price than 53.2% of California communities, which makes it one of the best values among California neighborhoods.

The Hobson Heights neighborhood is a great place to call home if you’re looking for medium-sized (three or four bedroom) single-family homes with plenty of space. This area also has apartments that range from studios, efficiencies, and two bedrooms up to five+ bedrooms.

The suburban Hobson Heights neighborhood is located in Ventura, CA. This Ventura community has a lot to offer with its variety and proximity, all within reach. From single-family homes complete with kitchen backsplashes or private backyard patios that are sure to beat being inside most days to apartments perfect for young professionals just starting out as well as empty-nesters looking at downsized lifestyles.

In a nation where nearly 1 in 4 children is living in poverty, the Hobson Heights community truly stands out from the rest. This low rate of child poverty is largely thanks to their strong economy and high employment rates for both men and women within this area.

Retirees should consider Hobson Heights a desirable neighborhood. It’s peaceful and quiet, with an above-average safety from crime compared to other California neighborhoods while also offering diverse housing options for all ages, including very educated seniors who choose this area as their retirement home–making it more retiree-friendly than 97% of places in CA.

The Hobson Heights community in Ventura is an upper-middle-class area with a higher income than 81% of neighborhoods across America. The people in this neighborhood are some of the wealthiest you’ll find anywhere. They make above-average incomes, and their homes reflect that with large yards perfect for kids or pets to play inside without worrying about traffic noise from street lamps outside your door.

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