Seaview Hills / Padre Place

Seaview Hills / Padre Place is a quiet, family-friendly suburban neighborhood located in Ventura, California. This area has plenty of parks and green space for residents’ enjoyment with easy access to several freeways – giving you the convenience you need without sacrificing ease on your part.

 The Seaview Hills / Padre Place neighborhood is an elite location in CA. The median real estate price here oscillates around $1,400,827, making it more expensive than 88.6 percent of neighborhoods across California and 97.5 percent nationwide.

 The Seaview Hills / Padre Place neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re searching for an affordable California home. The average rental price in this area currently sits at just over $2,379, which makes it lower than 59.5% of all other communities across the state.

 The Seaview Hills / Padre Place neighborhood is made up primarily of small to medium-sized apartments. There are also a few homes that can be found in this area, but they’re mainly seen at higher elevations with panoramic coastal views for those who want their own piece titled land mastered by nature’s beauty.

 Living in the Seaview Hills / Padre Place neighborhood is a great way to be part of an interesting and vibrant community. Not only does it have one of the highest concentrations of divorcees living here than any other place, but also this may be due because people who get married often don’t stay together forever, which means that when they do decide on something more permanent for themselves -you’ll already know some folks nearby.

 The Seaview Hills / Padre Place neighborhood is one of the most unique in America because it has such a high concentration and variety of studio apartments. With 83% here being small living spaces, this area surely stands out from others around the country.

 The neighborhood of Seaview Hills / Padre Place is a moderate-income area with good schools, safe streets, and traditional family values. This means it will be perfect for those looking to buy their first house or maybe raise kids.

 In the Seaview Hills / Padre Place neighborhood, you’ll find a diverse population that falls into two categories: high-income earners and moderate-income households. This area has an average weekly salary greater than 42.9 percent of all other neighborhoods across America.

 In the area of Seaview Hills / Padre Place, 60.3% percent are employed in executive roles where they can make decisions that affect other people’s lives daily. The second most important occupation for this neighborhood is sales and service jobs with 21%. People working here include those who sell major accounts or work at fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s alongside others.

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