Hillsides is a quiet, family-oriented suburban neighborhood in Ventura. With many parks and hiking trails nearby, it’s the perfect place for residents who love being outdoors but do not necessarily live at high elevations like other mountain areas typically have, which can make them less accessible by car.

The Hillsides neighborhood is a high-end area, with a median real estate price of $1.161 million, making it more expensive than 83.6 percent across and 96% nationwide. It would seem that this area is more expensive than most other places but don’t let it fool you – there are still plenty of opportunities for affordable living here.

The Hillsides neighborhood is one of the most expensive in California. The average rental price here currently sits at $2,968 – which makes it higher than 63.7 percent of other neighborhoods across our beautiful state.

The neighborhood of Hillsides is a great place to live with its large homes and conveniently located amenities. This area has everything from single-family houses to apartment complexes/high-rise apartments, as well as retail shops or schools that will meet your needs.

The Hillsides neighborhood is a perfect example of what you can expect in terms of real estate. Most homes here have between three and four bedrooms, but there are also some larger apartment buildings that offer five or more rooms. The area has many different styles, from single-family homes all the way up to high-rise apartments that offer more luxurious living conditions but also come at higher costs.

The Hillsides neighborhood is one of the wealthiest areas in America, and its rich culture can be seen through its elegant homes. The people who live here are truly fortunate to live such an exceptional life compared to even other Americans because they have so much wealth concentrated within their small community that no matter what happens with our economy – whether good times or bad–they will always recover more quickly than most others do around them due solely on sheer numbers alone.

The Hillsides neighborhood is one of the best places to live if you’re an executive. In addition, it has a majority wealthy and educated population who own stately homes with high real estate appreciation rates that tend to keep them busy but allow for comfortable lifestyles when compared to other California neighborhoods in this category.

The good news for people in the Hillsides neighborhood is that they seem to really love their cars. 41% percent of these households have four, five, or more vehicles which is a higher number per household than in 98% of other American neighborhoods.

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