Rubicon Theater Company

Ventura has a thriving arts community that includes the Rubicon Theatre Company. For those who love live theater, this venue offers shows at various times and prices throughout each week.

The Rubicon Theatre Company is a staple of the downtown Ventura district. Whether you’re looking to see an action-packed play or relax with some classical music, this theater has something for everyone.

The RTC is a staple in the education and entertainment world. They provide local people with an opportunity to learn more about history while also attracting tourists from all over who want their fix of informative theater shows or special events.

This professional theatre company has been entertaining locals and tourists alike with their performances, special events, educative programs, and an annual festival for over 20 years.

The Rubicon Theatre Company is really committed to providing a quality theater experience for all of its patrons. They offer many different types of events and programs, including an after-school program that’s aimed at educating students through fun activities like acting.

The RTC is among the most award-winning theater companies in Ventura. They’ve won numerous times for their performances and services to this area, and you can catch them performing on Main Street’s main stage, which lies downtown.

The Rubicon Theatre produces musicals, dramas, and plays. They produce musicals and dramas that always draw the audience into their production processes with incredible performances from start to finish. They present incredible productions every day, with their production processes always being top-notch.

The Rubicon Theatre Company is a well-established theater company with 42,000 successful graduates. They have been providing acting classes for many years and are currently accepting new students to their program.

With more than 42,000 people have learned from them and countless numbers progressing in their careers since the Rubicon Theatre Company first opened its doors for business over 20 years ago – it is no wonder why this old theater has such a huge impact not only locally but also internationally.

You will never forget your first Rubicon Theatre Company show. You’re sure to be hooked after one performance, and they have shown for every age group, so there’s something perfect in store. When you want a night full of magic that is guaranteed not only enchanting but also educational as well–head on down to this renowned theater company where experiences are always unforgettable.

At the Rubicon Theatre Company, you can watch a breathtaking live show or catch some of your favorite production on tour. You’ll find everything from Shakespearean plays to musicals and more! For those interested in learning how acting is done behind the scenes at one of America’s most award-winning theatres, check out our tours available year-round (and sometimes even during warmer months).

Rubicon Theatre Company’s Address: 1006 E Main St, Ventura, CA 93001.

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