Old Creek Ranch and Winery

What’s more perfect than a weekend surrounded by nature? The Old Creek Ranch & Winery is an unforgettable experience for any family with kids or adults. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy all day, from exploring our wineries and gardens on foot (or bike) to riding horses through the trails at your own pace! With so much variety within these four distinct areas – including apple picking in autumn View mode, there’ll always be something new happening every time.

When you visit anywhere near Ventura, make sure you get lost in the 22,000 acres of land at The Old Creek Ranch & Winery. You can find an orchard with apples that will make your mouth water or enjoy some wine by tour guide Antonio Riva who built this ranch over a century ago.

When the Whitman family took over management of this winery in 1981, they gave it a new name- Old Creek Ranch & Wineries.

When the Holguin family took over Old Creek Ranch in 2015, they were able to see how much potential there was for development on this beautiful property. Working with their orchards and vineyards, as well as structural views of what could be done architecturally within these boundaries, has helped shape up some really cool projects.

Old Creek Ranch & Winery offers a picturesque setting for you to enjoy with your loved ones. The winery has picnic tables, so it’s an ideal spot of choice if sightseeing or enjoying some wine tasting is what brings people here.

Old Creek Ranch & Winery also offers visitors a variety of activities to keep them busy while they’re in town. Visitors can play corn hole, stroll its pathways or take picturesque shots from any point within the property boundaries.

Though it might be difficult to find a day that is as relaxing and fun as your loved ones, Old Creek Ranch & Winery could just do the trick. The winery has plenty of activities for people of all ages in their 20s who will love seeing what’s on offer at this place! You’ll get an unforgettable experience if you visit these beautiful grounds where nature meets nurture – take some time out from life’s pressurizers while making new memories here today.

Old Creek Ranch and Winery has a terrace that is the ideal place to sip on some fine wine while taking in the picturesque scenery. A tour of their site, which includes an amazing winery as well orchards and cattle ranching, can be available beforehand too.

Old Creek Ranch & Winery’s Address: 10024 E Old Creek Rd, Ventura, CA 93001.

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