Oxnard Shores

Oxnard Shores is a picturesque coastal neighborhood located in the beautiful Bay area in Oxnard, California. This serene location offers residents all of nature’s beauty with access to shopping spas and fine dining options just minutes away by car or public transportation.

The Oxnard Shores neighborhood is a more expensive place to live in comparison with the other areas of California. The median price for housing there has reached an all-time high, at over $977,853. This makes the neighborhood more expensive than 70.2% of the neighborhoods across California and 92% nationwide, which isn’t surprising considering how beautiful this area perceivably offers its residents.

Oxnard Shores is a more expensive neighborhood to rent a home than most of California. The average rental price here currently stands at $3,217 – higher than 71% of all other communities in our state.

The Oxnard Shores neighborhood is a great location for those looking to buy their first home or start anew. The area has something that will satisfy anyone’s needs, from single-family homes with plenty of space and amenities like private pools – perfect if you have children – to high-rise apartments offering more living surfaces per apartment than most other areas on this side town.

In this coastal neighborhood of Oxnard, you’ll find a neighborhood that’s made up primarily of medium-sized (3 or 4 bedroom) to small (studio to two bedroom) single-family homes and also apartment complexes/high-rise apartments. The Oxnard Shores neighborhood’s real estate here tends to be more spacious than it is in other parts of town – perfect for those looking at bigger spaces with the less hustle and bustle.

Oxnard Shores is a coastal neighborhood that’s also nautical. It has an industrial waterfront in some areas, but it still brings people from both near and far for fun on the water or just to enjoy its natural beauty.

The Oxnard Shores neighborhood is a place where children can thrive. With lower rates of poverty and hunger than most places in America, it’s no wonder that this area has such high rankings for happiness among families with kids.

The calm, peaceful atmosphere in Oxnard Shores is a perfect place for retirees who want to enjoy their later years. With above-average safety from crime and an array of housing options available that cater to both senior citizens as well as younger families looking fruition into adulthood together, this neighborhood has it all.

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