Ventura Harbor Village

The Ventura Harbor Village is an excellent place to start your exploration of the city. With shops and restaurants galore, you’ll be able to explore all that this wonderful seaside town has in store before booking anything else.

Before you head out to explore Ventura, the harbor village is worth a peek. You’ll find shops and restaurants galore in this bustling area of town that’s perfect for fun activities before or after your cruise ship embarkation.

The Ventura Harbor Village is the perfect place to spend a day with your family. With 35 boutiques and galore of eating places, this seaside destination has something for everyone! There are as well multiple special events that take place throughout any given year, so you’ll never be bored here at the Ventura Harbor Village.

The view from the Ventura Harbor Village is one of our favorite things about this city. The sunsets here make it feel like we’re living in a movie, and there’s nothing better than sitting down at night with family to take advantage of all those beautiful colors before they disappear forever.

Venture Harbor Village is a scenic getaway for those looking to escape the hustle and bustles of city life. Its location on an expansive bay gives it tons going its neighborhood with beautiful views, delicious food options like seafood meals, or even just coffee at one cafe facing out towards the sea.

The beautiful Venture Harbor Village is a great place to take it easy and enjoy the view. The promenade along one side of this village offers sunset watching, strolls after dinner, or just relaxing with kids on your own time; while across from that stands beachfront property where you can watch ships come into port at their own pace before being made into calamari (the ultimate seafood treat). No wonder there are so many wonderful restaurants here.

When it’s pouring down rain, and you can’t go outside, there is always the Ventura Harbor Village. The shops inside will keep your inner shopping addict satisfied with all their unique finds for hours on end.

Venture Harbor Village is a bustling village filled with tons of fun and entertaining things to do. You can go on an adventure at the many maritime museums, explore art galleries or take part in exciting activities like fishing for salmon. There’s so much waiting just around every corner – it’ll be hard not finding something new here that suits your interests perfectly.

Address: 1583 Spinnaker Dr, Ventura, CA 93001.

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