North Ranch

North Ranch is a suburban neighborhood in the city of Thousand Oaks, California. This is an ideal neighborhood to reside in if you want a mix of city life and country tranquility. 

The North Ranch neighborhood is a highly sought-after community, with the median real estate price at $1.31 million dollars – that’s more expensive than 76.0% of the neighborhoods across California and 94.4% of the neighborhoods across the U.S.

The North Ranch neighborhood is among the most expensive rental areas in all of California. The average price for an apartment here currently sits at around $4,409 – making it considerably more costly than 90.2 percent of other communities across our state.

The neighborhood of North Ranch is a perfect community to call home with its large selection of single-family homes and townhomes. North Ranch has something that will fit every need, whether you’re looking for an apartment complex near the schools your kids go to or prefer more privacy while giving yourself room inside so there’s always space left over on those warm days when family visits.

In addition, not only does this area offers different styles but also sizes, which means no matter what size the household fits best, be it two people who want their own bedrooms without being too far apart from each other.

The beautiful North Ranch neighborhood is home to many homeowners who have been fortunate enough not only to live in this area but also to own their property. The homes here tend to have an average age of around 40 years old – with some of the other new residential properties found on our streets constructed after 2000.

The North Ranch community is one of the wealthiest in America, and even when compared to other neighborhoods around our country, they still stand out. Not only does this wealthy area have an abundance of wealth concentrated here but also due to its quick recovery from tough economic times, which was unusual for many parts of America at that time.

This unique situation has shaped who lives there today; people are much more likely than others nationwide either born or living abroad though not necessarily native-born — so you’ll find CEOs alongside dentist practitioners among neighbors.

Row houses are the ideal type of home for those looking to either renovate or start their own project. This Thousand Oaks neighborhood, in particular, has a higher proportion than nearly any other area, with 32% rowing and attached homes. With so many building materials available on this block alone, it would be hard not to find something that fits your taste absolutely perfectly- even if you’re not quite sure what “style” exactly suits YOU yet.

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