Eagle Ridge

The wealthy and prestigious Eagle Ridge neighborhood is a great place to live in Thousand Oaks. With an average real estate price of $1,203,950 – which makes it more expensive than 85.9% of the communities across California and 96.9% of the communities across the U.S.

The Eagle Ridge neighborhood has an average rental price of $6,152. This is more expensive than 99% of the other neighborhoods across CA. The Eagle Ridge neighborhood is one place where you’ll have more luck finding an affordable unit at just over half this amount – but remember, there are many other factors involved when deciding on what city or town will suit your needs best.

If you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful suburban place to call home with plenty of green spaces and easy access near major thoroughfares but not right in the middle where it’s difficult traffic flow – look no further than Eagle Ridge. Million-dollar views, low crime rates, and close proximity to world-class education are just some of the perks that come with living in Eagle Ridge.

This beautiful area is known for its beautiful weather and spacious homes. The Eagle Ridge community has both single-family residential properties as well as townhomes that can accommodate any family size – from small condos to large manors.

The scenic views in this community will take your breath away. You can find single-family homes and townhomes that range from medium-sized (three or four bedrooms) to large sizes with more than five bedrooms.

The neighborhood of Eagle Ridge is made up mostly of owner-occupied homes. This picturesque area has a lot going for it; with newer developments mixing in, there’s no shortage when looking at the types of styles you’ll find here.

In the Eagle Ridge neighborhood, you’ll find a blend of old and new. Many residences in this area were constructed between 1970-1999, while others were added more recently, some even dating back to 2000 or sooner. 

Also, Eagle Ridge is a family-friendly neighborhood in California. In fact, it’s more community-minded than 99% of the state’s neighborhoods. With great schools and low crime rates, you’ll never want for anything else here; satisfaction guaranteed – if only every place were this perfect. A big part of living successfully as an individual means making connections with others who share similar goals, which makes sense since we all need each other sometimes.

The beautiful Eagle Ridge neighborhood is among the wealthiest communities in America. A mere 2% percent (or less) of neighborhoods nationwide are wealthier than this gated community, where real estate has been exceedingly well-maintained and tends to maintain its value over time due mostly because residents here preferentially send their children away for private education before public schools even have a chance – if they’re able at all.

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