Larchmont / Stonehedge

Larchmont / Stonehedge is a bustling neighborhood in Ventura, California, with an urban vibe. This urban area has many trees and parks that provide peaceful views for its residents while they enjoy their homes here with plenty to do from shopping along the main street or going out to eat at one of many delicious restaurants nearby.

 The Larchmont / Stonehedge neighborhood in Ventura, CA, is a highly sought-after location. The median real estate price here ($831K) exceeds that of 63 percent of other neighborhoods across California as well as 91 nationwide.

 The powerful scenery and picturesque views that this area offers to make up part of its allure; however, it isn’t just these factors that have driven up prices over time: new development has also contributed significantly to increased values within this neighborhood.

 In an American city where the cost of living is notoriously high, it’s refreshing to see that some neighborhoods offer residents to access and close proximity to many amazing amenities. The Larchmont / Stonehedge neighborhood in Ventura comes with average rental prices of just $3,775 – which makes it more priced than 83% percent of other California communities.

 The rents in Larchmont / Stonehedge are higher than most other neighborhoods, but the average price of a rental home means that those living here earn more money. The residents of this area enjoy luxuries such as large windows with views to die for and private yards on the top row.

 The neighborhood of Larchmont / Stonehedge is a great place to live if you’re looking for something with plenty of space and privacy. There are many homes in this neighborhood that offer four or more bedrooms, making them perfect options when it comes time to start families.

 The Larchmont / Stonehedge community is one of the most desirable in Ventura. The area has a large selection for those looking to find their dream home, from single-family homes and townhomes up to four or more-bedroom apartment complexes with breathtaking views.

 In Larchmont / Stonehedge, there are very few housing options for people looking to live in the area. The vacancy rate is 0%, which means that it’s tough competition compared with other neighborhoods across America where you can find your next home.

 Those living in the Larchmont / Stonehedge neighborhood of Ventura are upper-middle-class, making it an average income area. In fact, this area has a higher median household income when compared with 80% of other neighborhoods across America.

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