Holiday East / Buena Village

The extravagant and picturesque landscape that is Holiday East / Buena Village neighborhood in the town of Ventura has a median real estate price which makes it more expensive when compared to other local areas. This area also features some great amenities for those who live there, such as proximity to rec centers or shopping centers.

 The neighborhood of Holiday East / Buena Village has a median real estate price of $744,396 – more expensive than 53.1% of the neighborhoods across California and 88.1% nationwide.

 Holiday East / Buena Village is an expensive neighborhood to live in, with the average rental price being $3,908 per month. This cost exceeds 85.6% of other neighborhoods across California.

 The Holiday East / Buena Village in the Ventura area is home to many large apartment buildings and crowded streets. This bustling city neighborhood has an urban feel, with its warehouses being conversions into lofts or condos for young professionals who want exposed brick walls in addition to natural light coming through tall windows on both sides of each building’s exteriority.

 The Holiday East / Buena Village community is a great place for those who want the comforts of home but without any commute time. The neighborhood has many single-family homes and mobile units that can fit anyone’s needs. The real estate here tends toward medium-sized homes – three or four bedrooms that offer plenty of space, but not too much.

 In the bustling area of Holiday East / Buena Village, there are currently fewer housing units available than what people want. This makes for an uncomfortable situation where both renters and buyers alike have difficulty finding good deals in this area.

 The government employees living in this area have a greater proportion of them than 95.3%of neighborhoods across America. This makes for an interesting and unique character that is present throughout the neighborhood, one not found anywhere else I’m aware of – at least not by such large margins.

 The government workers living in this area give it an edge that other neighborhoods don’t have. These unique characteristic shapes the neighborhood’s character and makes for some interesting things you’ll see when exploring the Buena Village / Holiday East neighborhood.

 The neighbors in the Holiday East / Buena Village neighborhood are upper-middle-class, making it an above-average income area. The residents of this location have higher earnings compared to 73.8 percent from other parts of America.

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