Channel Islands Harbor

Channel Islands Harbor is a picturesque gateway to some of California’s most beautiful scenery, but it also offers excellent opportunities for fun in the sun. The bustling 50-year-old working port has many sandy parks where you can enjoy your lunch or swimsuit while listening closely as waves lap at the shoreline sand beneath you.

The selection of restaurants and museums is perfect for any foodie. You’ll find excellent dining options with delicious cuisine, as well as interesting exhibits at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum that will keep your taste buds entertained all day long.

At the Channel Islands Maritime Museum, there’s always something new to see. From ship models and spectacular art pieces in their collection of vessels, ranging from historical boats that explore our country’s rich maritime history all the way up to modern-day cruisers for rent or chartering options available at Harbor property, it won’t be long before you find yourself captivated by what this museum has on display.

Channel Islands Harbor is the ideal place to spend a day with your family. Whether you’re looking for an activity or just want some peace and relaxation, there are plenty of ways that this scenic waterfront can meet all your demands.

Channel Islands Harbor is an adventure seeker’s paradise. From seaside dining and shopping to kayaking, ferrying, or gondola rides, you will find new experiences throughout the year waiting for your discovery.

The harbor is a great place to enjoy activities like fishing, sportfishing, and parasailing. If you’re looking for something more low-key, there are whale-watching cruises available from December through April that will let you see all sorts of ocean wildlife up close! The Channel Islands National Park is also just across the water, so it’s an easy destination if adventure isn’t what matters most in life.

Among the most beautiful national parks in California, Channel Islands National Park is a chain of islands that can be reached by boat from Island Packers. The ferry concessionaire offers inexpensive transportation to these iconic destinations for visitors on both shipping routes and driving routes.

The eleven miles of open sea between Channel Islands Harbor and the mainland is a perfect location for wildlife viewing. Many ferries include an excursion to spots where you can see seals, birds, or other creatures as well.

The Channel Islands Harbor is a hot spot for land-based activities as well. The Marine Emporium Landing surrounds the water and houses many shops and restaurants in its area to meet all of your needs while visiting this beautiful city. There are even weekly farmers’ markets that you can go to if shopping isn’t enough – but definitely try out one or two delicious meals at any restaurant nearby first before deciding what place will best suit you.

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