Heritage Square

Heritage Square is a historic square that consists of well-preserved houses in a lushly landscaped block. These Victorian and Craftsman-style properties make up the area’s personality, which can best be described as quaint yet sophisticated with its old-world charm.

Oxnard’s beautiful Heritage Square houses the pioneer families’ mansions, which were once home to the settlers who founded this town. The site also has 15 Victorian buildings of staggering beauty that attract tourists from around the world. The beauty and charm of these Victorian mansions attract tourists from all over, ensuring you’ll have company when exploring this unique location.

Heritage Square is a beautiful site for those looking to get married and have an eventful day in Oxnard. With these wonderful structures, there are plenty of options when planning your wedding or other types of events, such as parties in one of these buildings. These beautiful Victorian-style houses provide the perfect grounds for weddings and other events, making them one of its most popular venues.

Heritage Square is the perfect spot for a picturesque lunch with friends or family. You can enjoy tasty food from one of many delicious restaurants in this historical garden while listening to live music at any time during your visit. This beautiful, historic location has been the setting for many photos. The gardens and fountains make it an ideal spot to take pictures of any type—from landscapes or portraits.

Every visit to Heritage Square should include a stop at one or more of the local gift shops for souvenirs and gifts. There are many wonderful options available, including an African jewelry stand with items made from wood grown on-site in their backyard garden; how cool is that? The tour takes 45 minutes, but it’s so worth your time as well since they offer great prices on all these fantastic pieces too ($5/person).

The historic structures of our city are worth seeing, and the friendly staff here will show you all that they can. Heritage Square offers a unique insight into the history and architecture that have shaped our community. Tours are open for viewing on holidays but provide you with an informative experience all year long.

The homes in this area are some of the most beautiful and interesting structures to be found anywhere. They were all built between 1876 and 1912, which means they contain history that spans over 100 years. The cool thing is you can walk through each home while feeling like you’re really there because it’s outfitted with period furniture from back then—making every moment feel as immersive as possible for those who love their ancestors’ legacies on our land today.

Address: 715 S A Street, Oxnard, CA 93030.

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