Home Acres

Home Acres is a beautiful, serene suburban neighborhood in Moorpark, CA. It’s located a few minutes from downtown and has plenty to offer, with its large lots perfect for purchasing or building your dream home.

Home Acres is an exclusive area with high property values. This neighborhood’s median price for homes reaches up to $956K, which makes it more expensive than 71.8% of California’s neighborhoods and 93.4% of American neighborhoods.

The Home Acres neighborhood is one of the most expensive in California. With an average rental price for homes at $4,668 per month, it’s not surprising that this area has higher costs when compared to other parts of our beautiful state – higher than 94.3% of the neighborhoods in California.

The Home Acres neighborhood is a great place to call home! In this area, you’ll find three- or four-bedroom houses that are perfect for families with small children. Additionally, there’s plenty of space in the lawns and streetscape where kids can play safely outside while parents enjoy their own privacy inside.

Home Acres is a beautiful neighborhood for those who want to live in close proximity to others but still have plenty of space. The real estate here primarily consists of medium-sized homes – three- or four-bedroom options that can accommodate your whole family comfortably.

The area of Home Acres is a quiet neighborhood with single-family homes that were mostly built in the 1970s and 1990s. There are also some vintage properties for sale, such as those dating back to 1940-1969.

The only thing better than living in this beautiful neighborhood is the people who call it home. A mere 2% of America’s neighborhoods are wealthier, and these homeowners can afford any luxury imaginable with their wealth-driven lifestyles. They drive cars like BMWs or Mercedes–not old pickup trucks like you might find elsewhere across America.

The Home Acres community is a great place to live if you’re looking for the perfect executive lifestyle. It has more spacious homes, better-educated professionals, and managers who choose this community as their home base – all factors which contribute positively towards high real estate appreciation rates in comparison with other neighborhoods (93.8%) across California.

We all know that neighborhoods are constantly evolving, but it’s fascinating to see how one neighborhood, in particular, has evolved over time. The Home Acres stands out because of its abundance and variety. When you take a look around or drive through the streets–you’ll be able to notice many similar-looking homes here due to they being mostly made up of this single age group: 1970 – 1999. This means 88% of their residential real estate was constructed during just 20 years span between 1970 & 1999 alone.

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