Buena Place / Ocean View

Buena Place / Ocean View is a great urban neighborhood to live in if you’re looking for some diversity in your life. You can find both ocean views and plenty of shops on this street, which makes it easy enough that even first-time visitors won’t get bored quickly.

 The Buena Place / Ocean View neighborhood in Ventura, California, has a median real estate price of $862,700. This makes it more expensive than 65% of neighborhoods across the state and 91.7% nationwide.

 The cost of renting a home in this part of town is very reasonable. You can find properties that offer great deals and amenities for less than what you would expect from their location, so take advantage before it’s too late.

 The rent in the Buena Place / Ocean View neighborhood is lower than most other places. The average price for a one-bedroom apartment there currently stands at just $2,679 – that’s less than 48% of California neighborhoods.

 Buena Place / Ocean View is a quiet community in the city of Ventura. The area’s real estate offers something for everyone with large homes that are perfect for accommodating all your friends or family, an assortment of small apartments just right if you’re looking into starting out slowly while building up savings again, plus medium-sized houses geared towards someone who has been established in their career but wants some time away from city life at times too.

 The majority of homes in the Buena Place / Ocean View neighborhood are small to medium-sized, with a few three- or four-bedroom properties mixed in.

 There are significantly fewer real estate vacancies (6.2% vacancy rate) in Buena Place / Ocean View than one will find across most neighborhoods. This might be an indicator that demand for homes is high, or it could also mean there’s been some construction on new residential products recently-which would lead to greater prices over time as well.

 The Buena Place/ Ocean View neighborhood is home to some of the lowest rates of children living in poverty anywhere. That’s an incredible statistic and one that makes this community stand out from every other place on earth.

 In the Buena Place / Ocean View neighborhood in Ventura, you’ll find a highly selective population that makes this area an above-average income location. In fact, 80% of neighborhoods in our beautiful state have lower incomes than what we see here.

 This is a great urban neighborhood for those who want to live in an area with plenty of amenities and good schools. The people that make up the population here tend towards higher-income levels, making it one step above average when you consider all neighborhoods like this across America.

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