America’s Teaching Zoo

Visit America’s Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College for informative and entertaining evenings exploring what it takes to be a student in their exotic animal training program. Learn all about starting your own career as well, or get more information on this dynamic zoo that has been around for decades.

America’s Teaching Zoo is a living, breathing classroom for students who are interested in exotic animal training and management. You can explore this unique opportunity to learn more about starting your own career or simply come here as an open resource that anyone might need.

The students in the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program are treated like animals by their teachers. America’s Teaching Zoo is an awesome place to learn about different types of teaching zeolite, but it also gives you some pretty memorable experiences too.

This Teaching Zoo offers this unique opportunity: one that allows young people not only an introduction to animal training but also gives you insights into how we interact with our environment as well.

Go to the Teaching Zoo and get hands-on with nature. Students will be able to learn about different habitats while exploring their own creativity. A great way for kids of all ages, from preschoolers who want an early introduction to science to seniors looking at retirement options – everyone can find something here that suits them perfectly. From animal lovers’ eagerness to make friends across species lines or those simply seeking a weekly dose of adventure outside–everyone has plenty of reason to take in this stimulating experience.

The EATM Program is a leader in animal training and management. They offer courses that will prepare you for any future challenge, no matter what type or size the creature may be.

The next time you’re in the mood for an adventure, don’t drive 45 minutes to visit a zoo. Stop by Moorpark College’s America’s Teaching Zoo and get your fill of animal fun.

ATZ is open to the public every weekend, except for federal holidays. It houses over 130 animals of more than 90 species on five acres that are part of this college’s Exotic Animal Training and Management Program.

Some people think that teaching zoos are educational institutions, but the truth is they serve an important function in society. Teaching zoologists care deeply for their animal charges to ensure every single one has a chance at life and can thrive as best it may be able; this includes endangered species. At America’s Teaching Zoo, you’ll find all sorts of different breeds living together without barriers – some might say even carnivores- which allows visitors insight into what life would look likes if humans were replaced.

America’s Teaching Zoo’s Address: 7075 Campus Rd, Moorpark, CA 93021.

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