Underwood Family Farms

The Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark is a great place to spend your time if you’re looking for some family-friendly activities. You can pick fruit from every crop season and attend festivals and holiday celebrations on-site, as well as animal center tours that will teach kids about all sorts of farm animals.

The most exciting thing to do at Underwood Family Farms is picking your own fruit. You can also attend festivals, have holiday celebrations with delicious food (and lots of it!), and go on educational tours about how they grow everything there, including strawberries that don’t come from concentrate like ours do here sometimes- but only if you want them too.

Underwood Family Farms is the go-to for all your fresh produce needs. With a focus on quality and customer service, they are proud to provide only high-quality fruits and vegetables that will not disappoint.

Whether you are looking for a place to pick your own products or would like some help with school tours, Underwood Family Farms has got it covered. They offer everything from fruit baskets as well as other gift ideas that can be shipped anywhere in America. Their Fall Harvest Festival will not disappoint either – go find plenty of activities on-site, including animal exhibits and educational programs about agriculture, all leading up until an amazing meal completes this experience.

Underwood Family Farms is committed to cultivating a relationship with its customers through high-quality products and positive farm experiences. They encourage visitors, both distributors orchards who have been on the property in order for them to experience what it’s like being part of their team, as well as those that come out just because they want some fresh fruit.

Some people might think that the best way to experience a farm is by visiting an actual one, but Underwood Family Farms has been selling its fresh produce at farmers’ markets since before you were born. You can find them in Moorpark, where they have their own stands with all of your favorite items like field-fresh fruits and vegetables. And if this isn’t enough for you, then there are 12 Certified Farmers Markets across Southern California every week during the summer months (and sometimes winter!).

The picturesque Underwood Family Farms is more than just a place of business – it’s an experience. They offer you the chance to get up close and personal with their cows, see how fruit or vegetables are grown before they become part of your dinner plate (or someone else’s), and take educational school tours, so every child in town knows what makes them special here at UFFS and don’t forget about their Fall Harvest Festival.

Underwood Family Farms’ Address: 3370 Sunset Valley Rd, Moorpark, CA 93021.

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