Winter is almost here! You know that means you need to start preparing for winterizing your roof to take on the season. A properly winterized roof will make sure your home stays nice and cozy, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

During the winter months, you might be tempted to skip roof maintenance. After all, most homeowners don’t expect much from their roof during this time of year. But, unfortunately, while they might not think it will be a problem, this is actually one of the worst things that can happen to your roof and home as a whole!

Tick the following off your winterizing list to keep your roof system ready for the cold winter ahead:

Examine your roof: 

Take a close look at your roof and make sure there aren’t any holes or cracks. Check for loose shingles and make sure all debris from the previous seasons has been cleared from around the outside of the house. You should also consider hiring a professional inspector to thoroughly examine your entire home for storm damage if you haven’t done so already.

Check your sealant: 

When was the last time you checked the sealant around pipes and vents on your roof? If you discover cracking or peeling, bring in a professional to fix the problem before the rain comes because water can travel through cracks up to one-half-inch wide.

Check gutters for leaves: 

Leaves that fall during the autumn months will eventually turn into mush when there is moisture present. When this happens, it can clog your gutters and cause them to overflow, which results in water damage.

Inspect the roof for damage and leaks:

If your roof already has any damage, it’s essential that you get it fixed right away before the rain hits. Also, if there are any leaks, patch them immediately or call a professional to do so for you. Once again, don’t wait until winter to fix these issues because water will have time to
settle and expand inside walls, floors, ceilings, etc., which will cause more costly damages.

Watch for foreign objects or intrusions:

Birds love making nests in the warm space between your roof and chimney; during warmer months, squirrels and other animals can crawl into attics for shelter. Unfortunately, these issues can cause structural damage. Ensure any holes or cracks are repaired to prevent animals or other things from getting inside your home.

Inspect your roof’s flashings and flashing seams:

Flashings are metal parts of your roofing system that extend past a wall or the side of a house to provide added protection against water intrusion at vulnerable points in your structure where different surfaces meet (elevation changes). The seams between two flashing pieces are areas where you need to pay particular attention when inspecting for damage.

These areas are particularly susceptible to leakage problems because water can seep underneath flashing due to the seams. Therefore, if you notice any leaks in this area, it’s very important that you find the source and fix it immediately before it becomes a bigger problem later on down the line.

Schedule your annual inspection and maintenance check with a professional home roofer:

This step is significant because it’s always better to be safe than sorry! If your roofing system isn’t properly maintained, you put yourself at risk for problems during the upcoming winter months, resulting in costly repairs.

A professional will inspect your roofing system from top to bottom, identifying any areas that could experience leaks or other problems before they become worse issues. Homeowners who neglect their roofs typically end up having much more extensive issues within several years because the fixes weren’t performed correctly during the autumn season when the weather was nice.

Get a chimney inspection: 

Inspecting the interior of a chimney might seem a little bit counterintuitive – since there might not be much going on up there during these winter months – but it’s important to do so. Chimneys are at risk for developing cracks during cold weather, so consider calling on an expert to ensure there’s no damage!

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