Wildwood Regional Park

The tranquil and picturesque Wildwood Regional Park is a popular destination for locals in Thousand Oaks, offering more than 1,765 acres of public space to enjoy. The surrounding land also contains an adjacent 400-acre open area where you can go hiking or cycling with your friends.

In the Wildwood Regional Park, visitors can enjoy nature at its finest with an abundance of trees and wildlife. The Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency has been overseeing this beautiful area since it was originally created in 1967 before merging together with neighboring park Wildwood Mesa Park in 1987 – named for their proximity to one another to create a larger entity.

The two parks have been nicely integrated together, so you can enjoy both landscapes when visiting here today: lush forests matched by panoramic views from high points around each area or easy access to quick hikes near homes if camping isn’t your thing.

The Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency is a great organization that oversees the management and preservation of our natural areas, like Wildwood Regional Park, which originally opened up to public use over 50 years ago.

With over 27 miles of hiking trails, Wildwood Regional Park is a great place for visitors to get their exercise and enjoy the outdoors. The Mesa Trail offers an easy 1-mile loop that allows you to see some beautiful scenery while taking in natural wildlife such as predominant bird species or butterflies.

Wildwood Regional Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The trails are well maintained, and there’s plenty of room to stretch your legs as you make your way through the park on one of its many hiking routes.

The picturesque Wildwood Regional Park has a variety of nature trails that will be sure to fulfill your hiking needs. The most notable features within this park are the 40-foot Paradise Falls and connector trail, Arroyo Conejo Creek with scenic views along its length as well as Indian Cave on site for visitors who want an educational experience in our local paleontology.

Wildwood Regional Park is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy nature and wildlife. Visitors can go hiking, biking, or horseback riding while they’re there – if you prefer more relaxed activities than these two examples, then try camping. The rangers offer interpretive programming with educational tours throughout the year, so you’ll never get bored of checking out all that this amazing place has offered us.

Take an educational hike through Wildwood Regional Park’s trails to learn about the natural environment. You’ll find it is one of Thousand Oaks’ most popular parks not just for its scenic beauty but also because there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy with your family, including hiking and biking.

Wildwood Regional Park’s Address: 928 W Avenida De Los Arboles, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.

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