Westlake Lake

Westlake Lake is a beautiful, pristine 125-acre artificial lake with 8 miles of shoreline near Ventura County. It was built for those who wanted easy access to nature and water sports like; it’s not hard to see why 1-, 2-or more houses often line this manmade asset.

The houses that line its banks make it a one-of-a-kind location for anyone looking to buy their dream home. Some houses are located on an island inside the lake that is connected by La Venta Drive.

The houses on this island are all beautifully designed with their own unique architecture, making them perfect for any individual looking to make a statement or find privacy in an urban setting.

Westlake Lake is a one-of-a-kind lake in this area for fishing and boating. It’s restricted to residents only, but that just means you have an exclusive spot all to yourself.

This beautiful lake that gets its name to Westlake Village is a beautiful body of water where people can learn how to sail or enjoy boating on the bay. It also has an active yacht club, which teaches young and old alike about this sport-related pastime.

Westlake Lake is home to a sculpture named Cottonsail, which stands at the end of it. It’s one in 17 similar pieces around this valley that have been placed so strategically for rabbits’ sake.

Taking orange mussels is restricted in Westlake Lake because it messes up their environment. The lake holds many a special place for locals, who enjoy fishing or boating on its waters – but not when you’re trying to catch some new seafood dinner.

Westlake Lake is a popular spot for fishing and boating. However, there are some restrictions on who can use it, which include only residents of the city or those with an appropriate permit from the Harbor Master’s office in order to avoid any unwanted encounters with wildlife – so make sure you get one.

The walk around Westlake Nature Walk will do exactly what you need it to. Whether starting your day off right or winding down after work, this 1.5-mile loop has everything a visitor could hope for in their quick escape from city life.

Westlake Village residents are allowed to enjoy Westlake Lake, but they have limited access. The management association maintains the private lake for its inhabitants, and visitors can still come by in many ways– running or walking around it via Triunfo Canyon Street is popular among locals who want an outdoor activity close by when living their life here.

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