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How Do Solar Reflective Shingles Work and Are They Worth the Cost?

By | Roof Types

Solar reflective shingles and solar reflective roof membranes can be an essential component of a building system designed to decrease overall building energy consumption and the environmental impact of the house or structure. Reflective roof shingles surfaces reflect much more infrared radiation (IR) than conventional roof surfaces. IR is a kind of light that causes much heat to be generated onto roof surfaces, so designers came up with the idea of solar reflective shingles, or reflective shingles, to reduce the consumption of IR from the sun by reflecting this light off the roof’s exterior, preventing the high temperature from being transmitted to the inside of a home or building (for example, to the attic or to any rooms you might have at the top of your house). Reflecting shingles and solar reflective roofs generally keep building interiors much cooler by decreasing heat transfer and lowering the use and stress on…

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