The rural Strickland neighborhood in Moorpark, California, is a quiet and peaceful place to live. It has plenty of green space with hiking trails that lead up into the woods from your doorstep. Residents love going on these walks when it’s cold outside–the fresh air makes them feel like they’re somewhere far away from all this hustle-bustling around them every day.

The Strickland neighborhood in Moorpark, CA, is one of the more expensive areas to live. The median real estate price here stands at $1,395,094, which makes it 89% greater than neighboring neighborhoods across California as well as 97.7 percent nationwide.

The average rental price in this neighborhood is $2,448 per month – lower in price than 57.0% of neighborhoods across California. This lower-than-average cost makes it one of the more affordable options for renters who live here; however, there are still some cities where you can find better deals. Rents across California vary greatly depending on location and amenities offered by landlords or property owners.

The Strickland neighborhood is a great place to call home. It has everything you need, including plenty of space for your family and friends. This area’s real estate consists primarily of small-sized homes (three or four bedrooms) with medium-sized ones making up the balance; they’re perfect if you want more room but don’t mind sharing it among multiple people who will be staying over sometimes too.

The neighborhood of Strickland is home to many different types of residential properties, from newer construction in the 2000s all throughout this area right up until you get closer to older houses that were built between 1970-1979.

The housing vacancy rate in Strickland is lower than 54.8% of the neighborhoods across America, which means it’s not too hard to find an apartment or homes for rent here.

The car capacity of the Strickland neighborhood is unmatched in its popularity. Residents here must really love automobiles. 41.6% of homes own four, five, or more cars for every one person who lives there – that’s more than found in 98% of American neighborhoods.

This Moorpark neighborhood is different from most other American neighborhoods because it has a higher concentration of people working in farming, fishing, or lumbering. With 6.9% of the workforce so employed in these fields, this area exceeds 97% of other American neighborhoods.

It is notable that 4.4% of the people in the Strickland community currently reside within a correction facility, held due to their punishment for committing crimes.

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