Replacing your roof is an investment, but if you choose your roofing contractor wisely, your roof will protect your home for many years to come.  You want to be sure that you’re using an experienced, trustworthy contractor.  Before you select a roofing contractor in Ventura County or Los Angeles County, it’s imperative to know the answers to these six questions you should be asking before you sign a contract.

#1 What factors can change the price of the roofing job? 

If you’ve been given a quote, but then find yourself looking at a bill with a couple of extra digits on it, you might feel a bit blindsided. Ask your roofing contractor to outline all potential costs in the estimate, including any additional charges that might arise once the work has started. For example, they may find wood rot and need to replace plywood.

#2 Can I see your insurance and licenses?  

All roofing contractors in California need to have the requisite licenses and liability insurance in place. If not, you run the risk of not being able to claim for damages in the event of a problem or dispute. If a contractor is cutting corners on the legal paperwork, do you really want them working on your home?

#3 Can you provide local Ventura County references?

Be wary of companies that won’t provide you with references or a nearby address where they completed work. This is a definite red flag. You may want to even ask if you can visit a current job site to see their installers in action. If they can’t show you evidence of satisfied customers, chances are there may not be any. Another good idea is to check sites, like Google and Yelp, for reviews.

#4 How long will it take to complete my roof? 

Even during the summer months, you don’t want your house unprotected for any period of time. A good contractor should work on the job until it is done, not start it and then leave to do another project for a few days, before returning to finish it.

#5 How will you communicate with me throughout the project?

You want to work with someone who will keep you informed every step of the way, not just until you hand over your deposit. Look for a contractor that will communicate with you on a regular basis–before, during, and after the project is completed. Will they do this via email, phone, or face-to-face? What is the procedure if they encounter a problem once the project has started? How will this be communicated?

#6 How will you protect my home during installation? 

You should always receive recommended instructions to help you prepare your home before the work commences. Once on site, the contractor should take steps to protect both the interior and exterior of your property, which is a clear sign that they take pride in their work and care about your home. This can include protecting lawns and flower beds, cleaning up debris at the end of each day, and being careful not to overload the driveway.

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