Simi Dog Park

The Simi Dog Park is a huge fenced-in portion of the main park where you can bring your dogs to run and play unleashed on the grass. There are two sections for small dog breeds or big ones like ours. Not only do we get some quality time with our pets, but they also socialize in an environment full of other furry friends just waiting their turn, too, so it’s not lonely at all when populated by the fur babies themselves.

The Simi Dog Park is a large, 3-acre dog park nestled within Big Sky Park in the hills near Simi Valley. It features separate sections for larger dogs and smaller ones so that your furry friends can have fun without worrying about collisions. There are plenty of picnic tables with seats available as well—perfect if you’ve come up to visit family or just need some downtime yourself after spending time at work all day long.

The Simi Dog Park is the perfect place to meet up with breeders or other fur parents. Here, you can observe how your pup interacts and photographs their behavior while surrounded by others of similar breeds- all from one location. Not only does this open space have excellent views for taking picturesque landscapes, but it also includes lots of artificial turf, which makes jumping around fun without worrying about hurting grass stains on clothes.

Simi Dog Park not only offers a great place to take your dog for some fresh air and fun, but it also provides them with protection from the sun. The sprinklers keep the grass thick, so you can romp around in circles without worrying about getting too wet or hot. In addition, there are plenty of hills that make running through it refreshing, as well as scenic views across town when they’re done playing outside.

This dog park has everything you need for your pup! There are multiple doggie bowls and buckets throughout the grounds, which will be sure to keep them hydrated during their playing time. A clean-up bag is also available, so it won’t take much effort on our end either—simply pick up after yourself or have one of those nifty scoops that help make cleaning fun (I’m told). If they get muddy, then know there’s an excellent shower location right outside this area, too, perfect if they’ve spilled something like grass stains while running around outside exploring new places.

The beautiful Simi Dog Park has a large parking lot and even includes a porta-potty for dog parents who are here with their pups on vacation from the vet.

The Park’s address is 2151 Lost Canyons Dr, Simi Valley, CA 93065-0215.

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