Rustic Canyon Golf Course

Rustic Canyon Golf Course is a beautiful course that pays homage to its roots with an organic layout by Hanse Design.

The course’s layout harkens back to a time when games were simpler and wilder with its rough terrain and rugged greens fees that require slices or Paradiddles on every hole-and water at several locations throughout the Rustic Canyon Golf Course.

Hanse Golf designed the Rustic Canyon Golf Course in a unique way by using natural landscape features to create holes. The company preserved native barrancas and incorporated them into their design, making it one of Southern California’s most memorable courses for both professional players as well amateurs who want an authentic experience on every hole.

The designers at Hanse Golf designed a unique course that has been called “natural beauty.” The natural landscape was incorporated into this design, and the bunkers were shaped from it, preserving it for future generations.

The RCGC is a haven for nature lovers and golfers alike. The canyon hills are dotted with cactus waves of brome, sagebrush, and Stipa grass highlighted by picturesque oaks that provide shade from hot summer suns or chilly winter nights under their branches while you play golf.

The RCGC is a haven for those who enjoy the outdoors. From bleak fields of brown grass to crests lined with majestic oaks, there’s plenty here that nature hasn’t yet claimed as its own.

The fairways at Rustic Canyon Golf Course are wide open, allowing players to fully utilize their strength and creativity. The hillsides are lined with thick rows of fescue that provide Bunker-less bunkers an unexpected touch for those who want it.

Rustic Canyon Golf Course is a magnificent example of natural beauty with its wide-open spaces and thick forestry lining each fairway. The course’s signature bunkers are strategically placed, so they don’t overwhelm but instead complement their surroundings while still providing some brick-like barriers for protection when needed most.

The greens at this golf course are challenging, with a bump-and-run approach. If you want to score well on the course, then it’s important that your strategy is sound as well. The putting surfaces at this course are some of the most difficult around Moorpark, which means accuracy will be key for any golfer looking to score well on these holes.

The fairways at Rustic Canyon Golf Course are designed for the golfer who loves making their own discoveries. A proper approach position on an expansive green will allow you to best attack whatever pin location may come up.

Rustic Canyon Golf Course’s Address: 15100 Happy Camp Rd, Moorpark, CA 93021-1348.

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