Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum celebrates the life of America’s 40th president, Ronald Wilson Reagan. The museum features an extensive collection that pays homage to one of our greatest leaders in history while also providing insight into how he made such impactful decisions during his time as a leader. The museum also features the story of his wife, former First Lady Nancy Taylor.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum is a fully interactive museum that allows visitors to explore President Regan’s life in detail. The 243 thousand square foot facility includes many exhibits, each with an audio guide that explains everything you’ve ever wanted to know about him.

The Presidential Library & Museum houses not only the gravesites of this country’s 40th president but also a museum with many exhibits that cover his life. Visitors are able to explore the 243k square foot facility—its numerous rooms containing historical documents from all aspects related to public outreach service for researchers seeking more information on why he was elected as well as what it felt like to be at one time under such an iconic figure.

The beautiful Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum is an archive that documents the life of one of America’s most famous presidents. It contains exhibits on his childhood and film career, as well as other important parts in which he played throughout history, such as political office holders or military service members.

The Library and Museum house many pieces of history, including a 1965 Ford Mustang that was used during the president’s first campaign for governor. You can also see what suit he wore on Inauguration Day.

Visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum to explore what it was like for him as President of America. You can see archives, a piece of the Berlin Wall (which he helped negotiate), and memorials dedicated in his honor—all things that make this place so special.

The magnificent Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum is the perfect place around Simi Valley to take your family on an educational adventure. The museum has several interactive exhibits that allow guests of all ages (from children up) to immerse themselves in activities with President Reagan, such as riding a horse or even acting out scenes from his movies.

Visitors to the Library and Museum can see a number of different exhibits, including one where they are able to look at Air Force One, personally used by the President himself. There is also plenty more than just historical photographs displayed throughout this facility-it houses important documents as well.

The Museum’s address: 40 Presidential Drive, Simi Valley, California.

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