Rancho Simi Recreation & Park District

The Rancho Simi Recreation & Park District is an agency that was created to provide parks for their community. It operates as a government separate from the city, though it falls under the same umbrella organization called “Special Districts.” The group was founded in 1961 with one goal: to provide quality outdoor space where people could enjoy life outdoors while growing closer together through shared experiences like camping trips or sports practices.

The Rancho Simi Recreation & Park District has been a major player in helping to preserve open space for future generations. They have established 50 parks that now host hiking trails, bikeways, or horse rides with the ability of wildlife preservation on-site as well. The district was founded way back when, but it’s still going strong today, with 5600 acres preserved.

When you think of the history of Simi Valley, California, it’s hard not to be impressed by its longevity. The town has had several hundred years’ worth, and we’ve preserved all that for your viewing pleasure at Strathearn Historical Park. Take a guided tour today to see what they have done with their time here before us.

Have you always been drawn to trains? If so, then the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District is an excellent place for your train adventure. The district has historical exhibits on their over 82-year history as well as miniature display cases that contain some old locomotives.

The Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District is home to two equestrian centers, swimming pools for both adults and children, and a golf course. They also operate numerous sports amenities, such as their own soccer park, which includes lights that can be turned on at night, so you don’t have a field alone.

Visit this amazing place for a fun-filled day at one of the many parks or activities in our district. You’ll be able to enjoy clean air, great scenery, and delicious food as you get closer to your friends from all around. The Rancho Simi Recreation & Park District provides hundreds of diverse recreational opportunities, which include everything from hiking trips down to picturesque lakeside areas where children can splash about while adults relax on benches overlooking them; to arts & crafts workshops teaching new skills like stained glass making-there really isn’t any age limit, so grab your family members alongside.

Rancho Simi Recreation & Park District is a proudly-owned community organization that strives to provide safe parks, promote healthy lifestyles through recreational activities like hiking or cycling, and preserve open space for future generations of our readers and listeners by maintaining trails throughout the parkland area, which also includes providing informational tours so you can learn more about where we live.

The Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District’s address is: 4201 Guardian St, Simi Valley, CA 93063.

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