Rancho Conejo Village / Rancho Conejo

Located in the picturesque County of Ventura, CA, is the Rancho Conejo Village / Rancho Conejo neighborhood. The location offers residents a suburban feel with easy access to many attractions and amenities that they may want or need while living here, such as parks, shopping centers, and hospitals. 

The Rancho Conejo Village / Rancho Conejo neighborhood is among the most expensive places to live near Thousand Oaks, with a median real estate price that exceeds $1 million – higher than 78.4% of the neighborhoods across California and 95.3% of the neighborhoods across the U.S. The difference between here and everywhere else on this list will be even more apparent when you take into account factors like cost of living or taxes.

In the Rancho Conejo Village / Rancho Conejo community, you can expect to pay an average price of $4,116 for rentals. This is higher than 86.4 percent in California, and among all neighborhoods within our area, it’s even more expensive.

The Rancho Conejo Village / Rancho Conejo community is a great place to live with easy access and proximity to work and shopping amenities such as grocery stores or drug stores right on site. There are as well many restaurants within walking distance from your home that will satisfy any appetite.

The real estate landscape in this Thousand Oaks area contains homes ranging from small duplexes all the way up through five+ bedroom houses, so no matter what you’re looking for, there’s sure be something perfect close by – whether it means getting into an affordable property taxes rate without sacrificing the quality of life features like private grounds.

The area is home to many residents who reside in both owned homes and rental properties. Many of the neighborhood’s residences have an established feel, with some being constructed between 1970-1999, while others were created more recently, like 2000 or later, yet still represent what’s typical for this community as a whole.

If you’re considering an area where its residents have higher levels of education, this is the place to live. 34 percent here hail from households with at least one graduate degree, and they outnumber those without by almost more than three times. This can’t be said about most other American neighborhoods, where there typically isn’t much difference between them when it comes down to how many residents hold post-secondary qualifications like doctorates or law degrees (the American average is around 12.7%).

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