Peach Hill Park

Peach Hill Park is the perfect place to take your family on Father’s Day. The ball fields are filled with games of sand volleyball while families enjoy hot dogs and hamburgers at one barbecue or another.

The 10-acre Peach Hill Park in Moorpark is a popular spot for residents and visitors. The park includes mature trees, an outdoor gym with a basketball court, a covered picnic area (perfect to use when it rains), sand volleyball court as well. There are also softball fields where you can play during your next game day.

The features of Peach Hill Park are its multipurpose fields and a picnic pavilion with restroom facilities for users and guests alike. The playground provides children ample space to play games both indoors as well on the green grass outside; it’s perfect weather permitting.

Peach Hill Park has been home to many activities over its history- from playing cards with friends on an old picnic table under blue skies dotted only by birds flying overhead as they sing their songs; to making believe that you’re somewhere else when there are no ceilings or walls around us anymore – just open fields.

This delightful park is situated just outside of downtown Ventura and has an elevation that reaches up to 166 meters. The beautiful views in this area make it one worth visiting for all enthusiasts, especially when there are several other parks nearby like Mountain Meadows Park or Peach Hill School.

Peach Hill Park is an oasis in the city of Moorpark. The outdoor spaces are open and welcoming, perfect for visitors to enjoy nature or just relax after work. The people who live here love their community; it’s clear by how much effort went into preserving this land from development when others were willing (and able) to build something else instead.

Peach Hill Park is a public space under the maintenance of Moorpark’s Parks Department. This beautiful park offers outdoor recreation and nature preservation opportunities for all who visit it.

Peach Hill Park is a great place to take your family for an afternoon of fun. You can contact the park in order to ask questions about their facilities, calendar of special events, or athletic fields. If you’re looking at using Peach hill’s sports areas, then be sure to get yourself some Permit-Athlete passes from learning sports residents before going over there because they only have limited quantities available each day during high season. There are also other ways that people get access to this wonderful state forest without having permits, such as buying tickets online beforehand.

Peach Hill Park’s Address: 13200 Peach Hill Road, Moorpark, CA 93021.

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